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The medicinal benefits of herbs have been known for centuries. Records of Native American, Roman, Egyptian, Persian and Asian cultures all show that they used herbs to treat illness. These ancient people didn’t have modern scientific knowledge to explain why herbs worked; they simply knew that certain plants produced certain desirable results.

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There are 38,000 types of mushrooms, with about half of them being poisonous and the other half holding significant medicinal value. It is known that several important historical figures, including Claudius II, Pope Clement VII and Buddha, died after ingesting poisonous mushrooms and the image of mushrooms as potentially dangerous still lingers in some minds. But in the last decade, there has been an increased recognition in the Western world of the beneficial effects of certain types of mushrooms.


Cold weather, particularly frost, causes the water in plant cells to freeze, damaging cell walls. Frost-damaged plants are easy to spot: Their growth becomes limp, blackened and distorted. Frost problems are often made worse where plants face the morning sun, as this causes them to defrost quickly, rupturing their cell walls. This problem can easily be diverted if you use mulch and cloches to protect your plants.

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