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I’m here in my hydroponics indoor grow room looking at all the grow equipment and supplies I have that are made or sold by Hydrofarm, and am very sorry to have to tell you that Hydrofarm—one of North America’s major providers of hydroponics equipment—is also one of several hydroponics companies creating safety risks for connoisseur hydroponics growers.

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You want your hydroponics plants safe from pests, diseases and other biological attackers. In this issue of Rosebud, you’ll discover how to make your grow room into a fortress that protects your plants. You’ll also learn how to use safe, non-toxic “integrated pest management” methods to defeat pests and diseases.
Start with the goal of blocking the tiny but powerful thieves who can sneak in through cracks in the floor or in air vents, such as mites, molds, mildews, fungi and thrips.


Every organism on earth counts on water. It’s the essence of life. It’s the stuff that makes up more than half your body weight.

Hydroponics growers have an especially direct interest in water quantity and quality. Perhaps more than most people, hydroponics gardeners lament that water is often polluted or expensive. In some locales, reverse-osmosis units are almost as necessary as grow lights.

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Most of us have only seen cheetahs, lions and tigers on Animal Planet, at zoos, in Vegas extravaganzas, or in circuses. Pretty soon those might be the only places anyone can see them: the majority of large predatory non-human mammals are heading towards anthropogenic extinction.

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If you choose to grow from clones, an accelerated rate of growth and therefore an increased number of harvests per years occurs because you eliminate the extra time that seedlings require. Cloning also eliminates the lost time and space that comes from growing unfeminized seeds, some of which will produce males that you likely won’t keep.

In the previous issue of Rosebud, we talked about powerful methods to make this your best year ever for getting the heaviest and most valuable harvests from your garden. Let’s take a moment to summarize those harvest-boosting techniques before we go on to this month’s set of powerful strategies that will give you more rewards from your grow room:

It’s time to pack up your automated sealed grow room and take it on the road! If that sounds like an impossible dream, think again. Thanks to California technical wizard and hydropreneur Tom Patton, sophisticated, automated, plug-and-play sealed grow rooms are road-ready so you can grow wherever you have electricity.

Hearing hydroponics gardening success stories from Rosebud Magazine readers is a joy, especially when it’s a success story like this one that came from Tyler, who resides in the great state of Colorado. Check out this inspiring and educational e-letter:

Hey Chris, Reading your articles about hydroponics systems and it was time for a change for me. I have been growing in buckets, usually five to ten gallon buckets that I would move to outdoors when the weather and sun was good and then back indoors if there was problems with the weather or at certain times of the year when we have problems with insects.

Daksha once lived in what she describes as a paradise in India. Then came the Indian government, hydroelectric dam builders, mineral prospectors, mining companies and soldiers. Now living in the west, exiled from her beloved homeland, Daksha says the movie Avatar reminds her of what’s happening to India.

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Thanksgiving, 1621. A bedraggled group of English immigrants, tossed out of the Atlantic Ocean onto the shores of an “uncharted” continent inhabited by “Native Americans", sat down with a tribe of those people in cold late November at a harvest festival.

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In most parts of the country, other than Hawaii, temperatures have dipped. Even Florida has been experiencing cooler than average autumn temperatures. But for hydroponics gardeners, cold weather brings more good than bad. So let’s take a look at hot tips for autumn and winter hydroponics gardening…

In our previous aeroponics article, we noted that aeroponics provides maximized mists containing hydroponics nutrients, water and oxygen to spur incredibly fast growth and superb yields. But aeroponics has its drawbacks. One of the biggest is that you can’t just plug plants in to an aeroponics system, make sure you’ve got adequate water and nutrients in a reservoir, and go away for a few days.

Took a detour from my series on hydroponics systems to talk about how hydroponics has changed for the better, which couldn’t have been better timed because just as I did it, Advanced Nutrients announced the availability in America of its pH Perfect® Technology and Bigger Yields Flowering System®. Those two developments are the biggest changes in hydroponics nutrients since hydroponics pioneer Dr. William Gericke used deep water culture and chemical nutrients in the 1930s.

In our previous article, we talked about how the hydroponics industry has changed from old school days and is starting to catch up with the 21st century.

We’ve been talking in past articles about hydroponics systems, and a few people wrote me to say that learning about hydroponics systems is too complicated and…

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