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Several years ago I was talking with hydroponics pioneer Michael “Big Mike” Straumietis, the co-founder of Advanced Nutrients. More precisely, he was talking to me, and I was listening. That’s the smartest thing you can do when you’re with Big Mike. He’s a guy whose brain paces like a champion racehorse. He articulates more useful ideas per minute than anybody else I’ve ever met.

Hydroponics growers ask a lot about coco coir versus rockwool for ebb and flow and drip irrigation hydroponics gardens. It’s one of the most frequent questions I get and the first thing I tell hydroponics gardeners is that Grodan, the premier manufacturer of hydroponics rockwool, has stepped up its game to make rockwool even more ideal as a root zone media than it was before.

Until four years ago I had no idea how to use hydroponics surfactant formulas that are the easiest way to get faster growth and bigger yields without spending extra money on more nutrients. In fact, because surfactants transfer more nutrients into your plants faster, they make your nutrients program more efficient and less costly.

When you consider what your indoor hydroponics urban garden plants must have in order to give you maximum yield, one of the first things that comes to mind is hydroponics grow lights.

You use a hydroponics total dissolved solids (tds) or parts per million (ppm) meter to measure the amount of dissolved materials in your nutrients water, and it’s crucial for your crops that you get the amounts right. When you see meters discussed, you notice that the terms “ppm,” “EC” or  “cF” are used. These are different standards for representing the concentration of solids in a solution:

Growing your hydroponics plants from seeds instead of clones offers several advantages and that’s why professional growers dedicated to increasing the quality and value of hydroponics plants grow a seed crop every few cycles, even if they’re having great success with clone crops.

Your hydroponics plants love light, but in most grow rooms, light is provided via a top-down method that sends a lot of light to the top of your plants with not much hitting underneath and inside the canopy where most of your flowers and leaves are.

The last time I took clones, I gave one to my neighbor who refuses to grow his plants in a hydroponics garden. He’s like a lot of people I see posting on hydroponics cultivation forums. The kind who think that you don’t need hydroponics nutrients, HID lights, or a controlled environment to produce big, fat harvests. The kind who say all you have to do is use Miracle Gro or a similarly generic plant food.

We’ve talked before about rockwool, soil, and coco coir…three of the most popular root zone media you can use in your hydroponics garden. But hydroponics growers have flooded me with queries about the many other types of root zone media, while also mentioning that aeroponics growers don’t need any media at all (except maybe a small amount to provide plant anchoring). So first I must apologize for not making it clear in my other articles that root zone media choices are a lot more diverse, and complex, than most hydroponics growers realize.

Used to be when you wanted to get serious about hydroponics gardening, you had to build a grow room from the ground up. Finding lighting, air conditioning, electricals, pumps, timers, C02 burners, irrigation systems, reflective materials, reflectors, fans, odor control and other hydroponics gear takes a long time and a ton of money. Learning how to install and use it all takes even longer. And as many hydroponics grow room builders find out…mistakes are very costly.

Harvesting is the payoff moment of your hydroponics gardening season, and we’ve been giving you harvesting tips that are timely and timeless.

Be sure to check out Rosebud Magazine (the print version) for harvest information we don’t have room for here.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, except in the world of hydroponics.That’s how I felt when I heard that major hydroponics manufacturer-distributors like Hydrofarm abandoned their loyalty to growers and hydroponics retailers by selling hydroponics equipment at Kmart and Sears instead of only selling via hydroponics stores.

I’m a hydroponics gardener, not a blingmaster, so when I tell you I’m interested in Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Breitling, Tag Heuer and other luxury watches, it isn’t because I want to bling out like Lil Jon, Ludcaris, 50 Cent or Jay Z. Nor do I want a counterfeit or replica watch.

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As a hydroponics grower who loves wine, I was shocked to find out that something a hydroponics grower fears the most in his urban garden is something a wine grapes grower or wine producer loves and desires.

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When I was tending a 2500 square foot hydroponics urban garden in beautiful Oak Bay, Victoria, BC, I often joined other hydroponics growers engaged in ethical hobbies such as bicycling, nature conservation and remote control (RC) gliding.

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