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Men and women are not always on the same planet when it comes to sex. And some of the most puzzling sexual differences are how men and women show if they are sexually aroused and totally enjoying themselves during sex.

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Hungry for the taste of a woman, hungry for a taste of “the cat,” the special cat that each woman has…the “between the legs cat.”

Why am I using the word “cat?” The editor of this magazine doesn’t allow me to use the actual, most-popular sexual “cat word” when I write about the vagina in my articles, but at least they let me use the word vagina!

Guys, I have important insider news about our most precious possessions: our genitals. Here we go…women’s genitals are infinitely more complex and pleasure-loaded than your penis. I mean let’s face it, the vagina (not my preferred word for it, but just think of a kittycat every time I use the word vagina), has its clit, two sets of lips, the G-Spot, and other pleasure centers loaded in. Your penis just doesn’t have that much pleasure potential for you. Sorry, dudes. But the good news is that when you learn to kiss her lower lips and otherwise work her vagina (meow meow), you will earn love, affection and incredibly hot sex. You’ll also drink a nice dose of protein and female hormones. So here’s how to do it…

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So you wanna be a porn star? More than a few of my guy friends have expressed interest in being a porn “actor” for their career. Some of my female friends have even thought about it. After all, getting paid to have sex with lots of people, being an exhibitionist, and maybe even becoming the next Ron Jeremy or Jenna Haze, Bree Olson or Gianna Michaels could be a nice career move.

Getting girl on girl sex into your bedroom rather than just on your computer screen or television screen is an exciting idea that most of you guys have. However, when you ask your girlfriend to get hot for some girl on girl sex, you don’t always get a fun answer. Sometimes she might even slap you in the face.

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On January 17, 1961, U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave a farewell address just before John F. Kennedy took over the presidency. Eisenhower fought in World War One, and was a military officer for most of his life. He served as General of the Army and Army Chief of Staff in the years of World War Two and thereafter. His stellar military career led to him being elected president twice, beginning in 1952. He was a Republican. In light of his career and his political affiliation, what Eisenhower said in his farewell address is utterly amazing. Basically, he warned that the US military, along with its allies in war industries and politics, might end up in control of the United States. Here’s an excerpt from his speech:

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Most guys fantasize about two women having sex. That’s why a huge percentage of porn and other erotic materials feature two women doing each other. But let’s be real…watching porn or looking at girl-girl sex pictures in a magazine is nowhere near as fun as actually having two bi-sexual women in your own bed. How do you achieve that?

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I did what most people don’t have the stomach to do: I researched what Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh say about environmentalism, environmentalists and the environment. It was a sad endeavor, but somebody had to do it. And I’m glad I did, because I discovered that Limbaugh, Palin and the many others who share their views have a unified set of myths in their head. Myths are beliefs and opinions that cannot be scientifically proven. They often serve to reinforce cultural codes or a person’s desires. When you look at the myths Limbaugh and Palin believe about the environment, you see how destructive they are…

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Most guys love the idea of two girls having sex with each other. It’s one of the most popular themes in video porn and porn magazines. Listed as lesbian sex, girl-girl sex, bi-sexual girls, and similar topics, when two girls get naked and kiss, fondle, finger and otherwise sex each other up, most guys watch and get verrrry aroused.

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the woman (or women) you love will love you more if you put some creativity into your choice of Valentine’s Day gifts. Sure you can do perfume, chocolates, lingerie, flowers and other “typical” gifts, but you can also put more thought into it, and she’ll love you for it. So here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will warm her heart:

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One of my male friends figured out how to get sweet sessions of recreational sex from a variety of women. I’m going to share his methods with you in case you want that kind of sex fun too. What he’s done is create a “sex toy palace” that he makes sure to tell attractive women about. It’s definitely a hot conversation starter…and it usually leads to wild orgasms and happy vaginas.

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If you like trippy, entertaining indie movies (independent films), you’re probably familiar with Ryan Gosling. Along with Jake Gyllenhaal, Matt Damon, and a few other “young” actors, Gosling is one of a handful of movie guys who brings talent and courage to his roles. After all, in Lars and the Real Girl, Gosling played a slacker recluse who fell in love with an inflatable sex doll that he named “Bianca.”

Lesbian porn. Girl-Girl action. Two girls making love with each other. Bi-sexual girls on video. Amateur lesbians. For some of my female friends, and 99.999% of my heterosexual male friends, watching two women have sex with each other is more sexually stimulating than almost anything, other than enjoying hydroponics harvests. Combining lesbian porn with hydroponics harvests ranks pretty high as a peak experience. Couples, bi-sexuals, singles, lesbians and straights…they all enjoy watching two women making love.

If you’re a hydroponics grower, an environmentalist, or someone who appreciates trees, flowers, forests and other living things that produce oxygen and beauty, you owe it to yourself to take a journey with author-activist Derrick Jensen.

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YouTube is a great place to watch music videos for free…most of the time, except when the links are removed due to copyright violations, or the quality isn’t good. That being said, I’ve found a few really powerful YouTube music videos, some of which have gotten hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views. We’ve embedded these YouTube classics here so all you have to do is click on them and enjoy.

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