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Laura Vladimirova

Laura Vladimirova

Laura Vladimirova is a freelance journalist currently based out of New York City. Years of long-term travel abroad have made her a passionate lifestyles writer. Her favorite subjects include art, people, archaeology, travel, cultural events, health, and green living. When she's not typing away at her keyboard or getting her passport stamped, she's probably enjoying the great outdoors.

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For most growers, every day is casual Friday. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a suit in your closet. A sharp-looking, well-fitted suit shouldn’t feel like a burden to wear. In fact, the right suit can add a bit of swagger to even the most confident grower’s step.

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There is no doubt that first dates can be nerve-racking. Lucky for you, celebrity stylist Amanda Sanders has got you covered. Literally. She's dressed hundreds of men, including dear friends and long-term clients like Chris Rock. Her expertise is men's style. 

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The line to board the bus at Penn Station was disappointing. Not a single bodice or sword to be seen. Just jeans, Nikes, flip flops, whatever. This was an unceremonious start to the Faire.


The hypnotic illusion of the mega-city is over. Services that were once heralded for their convenience have been revealed to be a short-sited hindrances, such as highways and landfills. Cities are responsible for something like 75 percent of the world's CO2 emissions. While still a murky subject, several leaders of these urban cosmopolises have come forward with radical plans to green their cities. Whether any of these plans will work is yet to be determined.

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The Spain most tourists know usually includes a trip to two well-trodden destinations: The city of Barcelona, home of Antoni Gaudí's surrealist acid trip of an architectural legacy; or to Madrid, the nation's capitol and its largest city. There is, however, another Spain. It's located down south, in a region called Andalucía. Andalucía is a land that almost doesn't fit with the rest of Spain's euro-centric aesthetic. Instead of modern high-rises and perfectly paved streets, Andalucía boasts small, white washed homes and narrow, impossible to navigate labyrinths of cobble-stones that are laid down by hand, even today.  


The fight to label GMO products is the latest in a string of legislative actions against big GMO producing corporations. In what seems to be a major victory, the California Office of Secretary of State announced the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, a GMO labeling initiative.

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It was starting to feel like the little guy, David, could not win against Goliath. In this story, Monsanto is undoubtedly the Goliath of agriculture and local farmers are the countless Davids who get cheated for their hard labor. Normally, Monsanto makes billions to pay their pit bull-style legal teams, but a recent event has shaken up the system and given way to the possibility of a real happy ending for the little guy.

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How did our nation get strangled by a herbicide-resistant strain of superweeds?” It’s a frightening tale that begins a little over two decades ago, when scientists at Monsanto created genetically modified seeds that would grow even after the land was doused with chemically-laden herbicides. At first, the promise was simple: Use these seeds and you'll need fewer chemical sprays because these seeds will grow better. It's true that GMO seeds are genetically engineered to resist the harsh toxins of herbicides. But not just any herbicide - Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide, Roundup. The seeds were dubbed Roundup Ready and along with Roundup, they dominate the U.S. Agricultural landscape.

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The universe is a vast, incredible thing. There is so much we have yet to understand about why things are the way they are. Then there are those things that, even when explained, still seem completely incredible. Here's our roundup of some pictures of nature and the most bizarre and miraculous natural occurrences. As they say, in some cases the truth is stranger than fiction—and in this case, nature is truly bizarre.

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This winter, designers took a page from Boardwalk Empire and other retro muses to create looks that embrace the cold and channel every man's inner Dapper Don. For Rosebud Magazine readers, style is important, but not more important than a commitment to the environment. The trends featured here are stylin', sans the contribution to climate change, which makes the gentleman wearing them even sexier. But, if buying a seasonal wardrobe seems on the wasteful side, use this list for second-hand inspiration. Thrift-stores, eBay, and consignment shops are always stocked with classic winter coats and so much more.

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Concrete floors and rusty bars don’t seem like the ideal workout space, especially compared to a spacious, fully equipped gym. Yet, the urban environment has inspired a new breed of training. It’s usually called “the prison workout” but is also sometimes known as “convict conditioning” or simply “bodyweight strength training.” It’s a great workout for someone who needs action but is bored at the gym. Instead, the focus is internal and only occasionally relies on scaffolding, city parks, or parking meters for the bare equipment needs. Because of the minimalistic approach, it’s also one of the greenest workouts around.

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