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Thursday, 15 August 2013 23:03

The Blue Green Box Makes Your Aquarium Aquaponic

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Another home aquaponics rig is due to hit the market soon, this time as an addition to existing aquariums instead of a self-contained unit. Andrew de Melo created a kickstarter campaign late July to fund his aquaponics innovation The Blue Green Box and has reached the $5,000 goal needed to launch his product.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013 21:41

Hydrofarm Struggles to Regain Consumer Trust

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Hydroponic manufacturing giant Hydrofarm is on the mend following legal trouble that damaged its reputation earlier this year. The company, which boasts 35 years in the industry as America's oldest hydroponics wholesaler, is due to pay $315,000 in fines to the Environmental Protection Agency after selling unregistered pesticides that could cause bodily harm.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013 19:23

Monsanto Plays The Victim in GMO Wheat Scandal

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Several Oregon farmers are suing Monsanto for a GMO wheat scandal in the Beaver State. Now, the mega-corporation is mounting a counter case against those farmers by including claims of sabotage in its legal defense.


Chicago is trying its hand at urban farming with Farmers For Chicago, a community-based initiative aimed at training residents to grow their own food for sale in local grocery stores and restaurants. Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced the new agriculture program with hopes of revitalizing the city's economically disadvantaged Southside and establishing partnerships between city farmers.

Monday, 12 August 2013 22:35

Urban Farming May Save Detroit

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The stark landscape of abandoned houses, empty lots, and forgotten businesses that has epitomized Detroit for over a decade threatened to become the municipality's lasting legacy this July. With virtually no industry and 150,000 parcels of land vacated, the city filed for bankruptcy after years of shortfall and a deficit estimated at $20 billion.

Monday, 12 August 2013 05:01

Business Goes Vertical at Green Spirit Farms

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Michigan's Green Spirit Farms is up and underway, and enjoying well-deserved success. An offshoot of Fountainhead Engineering LTD, the farm is producing lettuce, basil, spinach, kale, arugula, peppers, tomatoes, stevia, strawberries, and brussel sprouts for local restaurants and supermarkets in addition to a farmer's market, which they host themselves.

Watch out rooftop green spaces, there is a new hydroponic garden in town. Designers in Spain have one upped even the craftiest hydroponic growers today by installing soiless gardens atop city buses. Buses in Girona, Spain are sporting the new look, replete with succulents, mosses and ornamental grasses, as a prototype that could soon replace their normal roofs. Marc Granan, the landscape designer responsible for the project, brought the idea to life as a response to the lack of green areas within most major metropolises.


The site of an abandoned factory in Mantua, New Jersey is being given a fresh start as a hydroponic farming project after having been neglected for nearly two decades. The withered structure was demolished this week to make room for six greenhouses on the 13-acre site.

Friday, 02 August 2013 13:24

Aquaponic Farmers To Meet Up This September

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Aquaponic growers, don’t miss out on your opportunity to mingle with other hydroponic farmers in your field. The National Aquaponics Association will be hosting their annual conference at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort this year in Tuscon, Arizona from September 20th to 22nd.


Understanding plant nutrition is the most difficult part of growing hydroponic crops. Just like health gurus say "You are what you eat", the same concept applies to a well-nourished plant. The type of nutrients you use to sustain your crop as well their quantity, quality and frequency in which they are applied will all factor into the outcome of your yield.


Green City Growers Cooperative, which opened in Cleveland in late 2012, is realizing its goal as a local, fresh food provider for low income residents. The facility is the largest food production greenhouse in the United States within a core urban area and enjoys a whooping 3.25 acres of hydroponic growing area. That translates into a millions of heads of lettuce per year, not to mention 300 pounds of various herbs, all distributed within a 50-mile radius to local grocers and food service operators.


New York City's reputation as a haven for what's new and trendy has been inspiring those who call the city home for decades, driving their creative process and mothering a plethora of subcultures. This phenomenon doesn't limit itself to genre however and the city's farming community is proof. That's right, there are farmers in New York City. Entrepreneurs with a sustainable outlook and passion for fresh, local produce are turning New York's endless high rise rooftops into a veritable paradise of hydroponic greenhouses while in the process creating a subculture of proud urban farmers.

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