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02 Sep

Atrazine Should Be Banned Says Coalition

Atrazine is sprayed on corn and carries serious health risks. Atrazine is sprayed on corn and carries serious health risks.


Environmental groups across the nation banded together this month to call on the federal government to end the use of Atrazine as a herbicide. The chemical, which is both highly toxic and registered as an endocrine disruptor, is used to kill grassy weeds in large-scale crops such as corn. It has been favored by the agriculture industry due to its low cost.

The herbicide has a particular effect on waterways and amphibians by prompting male frogs to change genders through chemical castration. It has also been found to be carcinogenic to humans, increasing the risk of thyroid cancer, reproductive issues, and birth defects following exposure.

The cause for concern is high since Atrazine was found in 40% of groundwater sampled throughout agricultural regions and 75% of stream water in the same areas. The study, conducted by the US Geological Survey, proved that humans are still drinking small amounts of Atrazine in their water and that wetlands are increasingly contaminated by it.

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