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23 Sep

Beylik Family Farms Keeps It Local

Small farms supply farmers' markets with fresh, local produce. Small farms supply farmers' markets with fresh, local produce.


Beylik Family Farms of Fillmore, California is no new kid on the block. The hydroponic vegetable producer has been passed down generationally from father to son to grandson since the 1970s. Hydroponics was virtually unheard of at that time, but Scott Beylik, the farm's owner and operator, has kept the tradition alive.

"Hydroponics give a much bigger yield per square foot than conventional dirt farming and take a lot less water,” Beylik says. “For us, hydroponics became the answer to the rising price of land and the increasing loss of resources.”  

The farm has gone from selling its produce to chain supermarkets in the area to catering specifically to over a dozen farmers' markets in and around Los Angeles and Ventura county. Beylik and his family only reach local customers, but that's just how they like it.  

 “People are so removed from nature these days,” he said. “You’d think milk came from a carton, not a cow. This gives the local kids a chance to see things grow.”

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This woman shows off the spoils from local farmers, including Beylik Farms.
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