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02 Oct

Bhutan A Haven For Organics

The Bhutan countryside will be all-organic. The Bhutan countryside will be all-organic.


If you are passionate about organics and are looking for a little vacation, why not consider a holiday in Bhutan? The small Himalayan nation will soon become the world's first 100% organic country on earth. Pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers are not widely accepted by Bhutan farmers, making the push for organics even easier. To date, only 1.5% of the country’s arable land is farmed using artificial chemicals.

Bhutan is a democratic country of nearly 650,000 people bordered by India and China. Since their main religion is Buddhism, environmental awareness has a particular importance for the nation.

Dr Pema Gyamtsho, Bhutan’s Minister of Agriculture and Forests, promised at an annual sustainable development summit in New Delhi earlier this year that Bhutan would achieve all-organic status. Kesang Tshome, co-ordinator of the Ministry of Agriculture’s national organic program, says that such a promise is only a matter of time. “We had this idea several years ago: the air was clean, the soil uncontaminated and the rivers were not yet polluted. It would be a real pity if we did not keep things this way.”

The Ministry aims to have a full food self-sufficiency in Bhutan by 2015.

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