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15 Aug

The Blue Green Box Makes Your Aquarium Aquaponic

The Blue Green Box turns your aquarium into an aquaponic garden. The Blue Green Box turns your aquarium into an aquaponic garden.


Another home aquaponics rig is due to hit the market soon, this time as an addition to existing aquariums instead of a self-contained unit. Andrew de Melo created a kickstarter campaign late July to fund his aquaponics innovation The Blue Green Box and has reached the $5,000 goal needed to launch his product.

The Blue Green Box is designed to sit atop a 10-gallon aquarium and uses the tank's water to irrigate the four grow beds contained within the unit. Since the box filters common fish tank water that may contain chemicals or fish fertilizers, de Melo doesn't yet recommend the system for food production, but ornamental plants instead.  

Each Blue Green Box is handmade by de Melo himself using an in-house CNC machine and PVC plastic. The Blue Green Box will be ready for shipment in late August or early September and can be purchased by contacting de Melo through Kickstarter.

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A video demonstration of the Blue Green Box.
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