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29 Sep

Concealed Pink Slime To Be Fed To Students Across The US

Ground beef for your kids, now with extra slime and ammonia hydroxide. Ground beef for your kids, now with extra slime and ammonia hydroxide.


As kids settle into their September classes and the back-to-school hubbub is brought to an end, you think that you'd finally get a few hours to yourself to relax. All would be good and well if it weren’t for the school cafeteria, whose food may soon pose a major safety issue to you and your family.

The USDA has confirmed that schools in seven states have ordered 2 million pounds of beef that might contain “lean finely textured beef product” to serve their students. If you can't remember what lean finely textured beef product (LFBP) is, perhaps this term might ring a bell - pink slime.

Pink slime was at the center of controversy last year when its manufacturing process was revealed to the world. Huge vats are filled with almost bare carcasses and churned through a machine to pick off any lingering meat and connective tissue before grinding it up into a soft-serve like paste. This paste is then blasted using a chemical, ammonium hydroxide, which is little more than a watered-down bleach solution.          

The beef is 3% cheaper than real ground beef and budget cuts to school districts have spurred the switch. LFBP is controversial not only for its manufacturing process but also due to risks of contamination. E.coli and salmonella were found numerous times in batches of LFBP since 2005, despite the presence of ammonium hydroxide. E.coli had been discovered three times and salmonella 48, but luckily the meat was stopped before reaching school cafeterias.

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At this point, it's starting to seem like eating beef isn't really good for anyone or anything.
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