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04 Jul

Glyphosate Makes Way Through Human Bodies, Into Test Results

Test results show glyphosate showing up in alarming levels in humans. Test results show glyphosate showing up in alarming levels in humans.


Researchers from Friends of the Earth Europe have released a study tracking the percentage of residual glyphosate found in the urine of European citizens. The results of the study are not exactly cause to rejoice. 

The study, which was conducted between March and May of 2013, analyzed urine samples from 18 countries across Europe. Of those selected, more than half of the participant countries revealed traces of glyphosate in their urine.

Test groups in Malta, Germany, and the UK came out at the top of the list with 70% of volunteers having the chemical present in their samples. While the investigation has remained a public inquiry rather than scientific research, the group has drawn significant attention to the nature of glyphosate and its long lasting effects on the human body.

The news comes at an especially pertinent time given the EPA's recent ruling to increase allowances of glyphosate residues in US produce. The pesticide has been linked to a host of ill effects including potential endocrine disruption and is currently marketed by Monsanto as the company's infamous Round-Up.

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