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13 Jun

GMO Wheat Mysteriously Appears in Oregon Fields

GMO wheat has been found growing in Oregon. GMO wheat has been found growing in Oregon.


A strain of genetically modified wheat pulled from testing since 2005 has been found growing in an Oregon field. The wheat was created by Monsanto and engineered to be "Roundup Ready."

Neither Monsanto nor the owner of the property have answers as to how exactly the seeds found their way to the fields, although the biotech giant insists that a “rigorous, well documented” end to the testing was finalized nearly eight years ago. The program was cancelled due to European and Asian restrictions on the import of GMO wheat.

Since the discovery, one farmer has already filed a lawsuit against Monsanto claiming negligence due to the wheat's potential to contaminate other grain crops in the country and affect the marketability of non-GMO strains. America's wheat industry has already felt the effects of the contamination as several countries have temporarily stopped imports of US wheat until its purity can be confirmed. The EU has spearheaded the initiative, requesting member countries thoroughly test grains for GMOs before import.

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Colbert breaks down the GMO wheat discovery in Oregon.
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