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29 Aug

Green Up Gives Interior Spaces New Life With Living Walls

Moss tiles make a nice interior decoration. Moss tiles make a nice interior decoration.


Bob and Colin Coogan of Stamford, Connecticut are hoping to give interior design some new flair when it comes to wall coverings. The father and son duo are the founders of Green Up, a local business that specializes in living walls made of Scandinavian moss. The plush wall pieces are available for purchase as moss frames and mirrors or as moss tiles that come in 12-inch pieces and can be connected together according to your space and aesthetic.

Green Up also offers green roofs, indoor hydroponic set-ups, rainwater management systems, and mobile gardens. If you would prefer your living wall made out of plants instead of moss, the Coogan's can do that too. The living walls are designed to bring a natural element to indoor spaces but, most importantly, provide daily doses of fresh oxygen.  

Green Up is slowly building their clientele and already have a few well-known customers. In California, Whole Foods has Green Up's moss tiles decorating store walls.

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Here you can see a similar concept to what Green Up does.
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