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23 May

Hydroponic Grass Mats A Yummy Alternative For Livestock Featured

Could this be the future of livestock feed? Could this be the future of livestock feed?


A report released by the University of Michigan has highlighted the potential use of hydroponically grown grass mats as fodder for livestock.

In hopes of reducing the industry's resource consumption, the report suggests that traditional grains such as barley, oats, wheat, and sorghum could easily be sprouted en masse using hydroponic systems.  

The university noted that with production systems set in place, a six- to eight-inch grass mat could be ready for consumption within five to eight days. Waste in the industry would be significantly reduced as a result since the mat, including seeds, roots, and grass, is entirely edible by livestock.  

The article suggests that a switch to hydroponic growing methods would not only yield more feed in a shorter amount of time, but require fewer pesticides, use a smaller growing area and have a decreased impact on the environment overall.

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Hydroponic growing put to another good use.
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