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16 Sep

Las Vegas Bets On Hydroponics For Agriculture Revenue

Las Vegas is adopting hydroponics to feed their hordes of guests. Las Vegas is adopting hydroponics to feed their hordes of guests.


Glamorous Las Vegas is turning to hydroponics to supply its culinary industry, one that feeds over 40 million visitors each year at the city's luxury hotels, casinos, and catered events. The state of Nevada estimates that nearly $2 million in agricultural revenue is lost each year to out-of-state produce purchases for Las Vegas alone. 

Since Nevada is a desert, competing with other states as a farming hub would be genuinely impossible without hydroponics. The state is already pressed for water, something it intends to pipe in from Utah, and local produce. But because hydroponics is so water efficient and a perfect match for inhospitable climates, the Nevada Desert Research Institute is fully embracing hydroponics as a rejuvenating force behind their agricultural industry.   

"Water is so stressed in southern Nevada that literally every drop is being fought for," the institute said. "[Hydroponics] is not an economic option. It's a necessity."

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