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18 Jun

Maine Makes Historic Ruling as America's Second State Against GMOs

Maine is introducing GMO labeling laws. Maine is introducing GMO labeling laws.

Monsanto has been dealt another blow by anti-GMO food activists, this time in Maine, since the state passed the "Act To Protect Maine Food Consumers' Right To Know about Genetically Engineered Food and Seed Stock" by a vote of 141 to 4.

Maine's bill is only the second of its kind to make it into law, following in Connecticut's pro labeling footsteps. The state approved a similar bill in the beginning of June.

Much like Connecticut's bill, Maine's LD 718 will not have any true legal sway until five other states adopt comparable measures, as long as the population of those states totals more than 20 million and that one of those states borders Maine itself.

With two down and three more to go, anti-GMO sentiments are gaining a good amount of steam, enough to make Monsanto sweat. The biotech giant has been lobbying hard against labeling across the country with successful defeats in both California and New York. As much as they try, the company has not been able to curb anti-GMO laws entirely, as 28 states are currently in the process of considering similar legislation.

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Maine passed a GMO labeling law, as the anti-GMO movement gains momentum.
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