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04 Sep

Pennsylvania Gets Hydroponic Veggies

Veg-e Systems will deliver healthful food to Pennsylvania neighborhoods. Veg-e Systems will deliver healthful food to Pennsylvania neighborhoods.


Residents of Doylestown, Pennsylavania, look out for a Veg-e Systems near you. The hydroponic vegetable producer founded by local residents  Dennis Riling and Tim Sulzer received a substantial investment by health and wellness start-up financer Novotorium this month, allowing the company to expand operations and diversify their market. 

Veg-e Systems grows a variety of leafy greens including kale, lettuce, micro greens and herbs using vertical growing systems.

While they currently produce a small amount of the greens for select customers, Novotorium's investment will give Veg-e the financial support to up production and reach local restaurants, supermarkets, specialty markets and subscription-style home delivery programs. The pair are also considering opening another production facility.  

“Until now, we’ve been able to grow a relatively small amount of greens for a high-demand market. People like the fact that we can harvest lettuce and get it to their tables the same day it is picked,” co-founder Dennis Riling said. “Significantly increasing production with Novotorium’s support will help us meet market demand.” 

Rilling added that Veg-e Systems and hydroponics make for an unbeatable product. “It’s fresher, tastes better, has higher nutritional value, is grown free of herbicides and pesticides, is GMO-free, and does not require cross-country transportation."

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Buying hydroponic organic vegetables is a wonderful way to stay healthy, but so is growing your own!
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