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17 Jun

Terra Tech To Become the Northeast's Premier Hydroponic Producer

Hydroponic bell peppers like these may soon be available on a mass scale. Hydroponic bell peppers like these may soon be available on a mass scale.


Terra Tech Corp, a California-based manufacturer of commercial hydroponic and aeroponic automated dosing systems, digital atmospheric controllers and commercial greenhouses saw its market capitalization peak at $9.5 million on the 11th of June with share prices reaching $1.02 over the past 52 weeks.

The firm has a new hydroponic facility underway in Belvedere, New Jersey that is slated for completion at the end of 2013. The five-acre plot of land designated for the facility is in the process of being graded, with construction crews scheduled to commence building later this month. The indoor farm will produce hydroponically grown fruits and vegetables for commercial sale through its market label, Edible Garden, which is currently available at Shoprite and Food Emporium throughout the northeastern United States.  

Terra Tech projects that each acre of the greenhouse will be capable of cultivating $2 million worth of produce per year and is already presumed to be able to reach 12,000 retailers in their local market.

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Hydroponic peppers, whether in the backyard or in a supermarket, are delicious.
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