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29 May

USDA Provides Better Insurance For Organic Farmers

Organic farmers are getting a boost from the government. It's about time. Organic farmers are getting a boost from the government. It's about time.

The USDA has announced plans for positive changes to its insurance policy for organic farmers, a show of support in stark constrast to recent government rulings in favor of biotech conglomerates.

The statement, released on the USDA's website last week, details the agency's proposal to increase federal crop insurance options for organic farmers as well as removal of a five-percent surcharge organic producers currently pay on crop insurance.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has requested that USDA agencies, such as the National Organic Program, make their voices heard in order to provide better direction for USDA policy makers. Vilsack hopes to have the 2008 Organic Data Initiative, a part of the Food, Farms and Jobs bill, renewed in coming years.

"Organic agriculture is one of the fastest growing segments of American agriculture and helps farmers receive a higher price for their product," Vilsack stated. "Coupled with the new guidance for agencies to support this growing sector, USDA recognizes that organics are gaining market share and is helping boost this emerging segment."


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Farmers like this will get some help from the USDA with the new insurance rates.
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