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05 Jun

Celebrate World Environment Day With An Organic Meal

Remember to treat the earth gently. Remember to treat the earth gently.

Today is World Environment Day, a global day of awareness founded by the United Nations. This year's theme is "Think.Eat.Save."

The international organization hopes to motivate the public to consider how their everyday food choices impact the planet. The initiative targets food waste and food loss, both of which contribute to overproduction in developed nations that drains natural resources while other countries endure crippling shortages.

"Global food production occupies 25% of all habitable land and is responsible for 70% of fresh water consumption, 80% of deforestation, and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, " the program's website warns. "It is the largest single driver of biodiversity loss."

In a call to action, the UN encourages the consumption of organic and locally grown foods in order to eliminate pesticide dependency and minimize resources used for transport. It also touches on the vast amount of energy poured into meat production and how detrimental waste in that sector is.

"Take action from your home and then witness the power of collective decisions you and others have made to reduce food waste, save money, minimize the environmental impact of food production and force food production processes to become more efficient, " the website urges.

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