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Apps for Hydroponics Growers: Apple, Steve Jobs & the Axis of Genius

  • Written by  Nigel Salazar
Where do bright ideas come from? Where do bright ideas come from?

On a mission to find apps for hydroponics growers, I found myself surfing the electronic wave in an ocean of information that tells you lots about the explosion of new technology that’s changing our world.

You can type “apps for hydroponics growers” into Google and get tons of info, and It’s widely known that hydroponics gardeners are looking for apps that deliver easy to use hydroponics information…

Especially nutrients calculators, product use guides, apps that make it simpler to understand and use hydroponics deep water culture (DWC), aeroponics, ebb and flow, C02, HID lighting and other hydroponics fun, like the MobBase app for a popular Oakland hydroponics store.

A lot of these cool hydroponics gardening apps are best or only used on Apple products, and it reminds me of when I met a senior engineer at Apple, when Apple founder Steve Jobs was still alive.

“Steve walks into a product development meeting staffed by people with PhD’s in electrical engineering, IT, software design, advanced mathematics, and immediately recognizes a dozen or more ways for us to make a better system, fix glitches or radically improve a product,” the engineer said. “It’s like Mozart writing full symphonies at age 9. Steve Jobs could see through and into machines, software, and marketing concepts that the rest of us only understood a tiny, tiny part of.”

And as we now know, Steve Jobs lived every day as if it was his last, trying his hardest to make the most of every second, just like hydroponics growers try to make the most of every watt of electricity they pay for.

Just how do apps, I-Phones, Macbooks, hydroponics breakthroughs and other new, amazing things get created?

Sometimes, as with Steve Jobs and Apple, it seems like you just get born with the gift, and you let the gift transmit itself through you.

Take a look at 16-year-old Apple app developer Nick D’Aloisio, the youngest person ever to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in venture capital for an app product.

The kid was making movies, speaking four languages, writing his own app software, and making sophisticated movies while creating apps that read people’s minds, dial in to music people are listening to around him, and most importantly, an app that filters huge amounts of data to boil it all down into quick and easy chunks.

Now with his apps like Trimit and Summly rocking the apps world, D’Aloisio at age 16 is living the lifestyle of a jet-setting AI (artificial intelligence) entrepreneur.

His creativity netted him international attention and big bucks, and he could be the next Steve Jobs, or just a very rich teenager.

In your hydroponics garden, you’ve got more than apps going for you. Scientists and entrepreneurs brought the Steve Jobs and Nick D’Aloisio spirit into your grow room.

Asking themselves why hydroponics growers should have to use old school hydroponics nutrients, lighting and systems, these 21st century hydropioneers handed us nutrients that balance their own pH, HID bulbs designed for high-value plants, and hydroponics cultivation information that puts more money in your pocket.

Life doesn’t always give the geniuses everything they deserve. Steve Jobs changed the face of computing (where would we be without Apple?) but he died too young, too painfully, too soon.

Nick D’Aloisio had to beg the media to tell people about his apps, and some app journalists went out of their way to diss and embarrass him in public.

Mozart himself was often treated like a madman, and acted like one, even while he was writing music described as the songs of angels, and died a troubled man, at age 35.

Despite all that, these people changed the world. So let’s celebrate the apps and the Apple, the Steve Jobs and the Nick D’Aloisio, and the bold hydroponics achievers who help us see more green from our garden.

Who knows, perhaps you will be the next Steve Jobs? It starts with a dream, with hope, and hard work. The sky’s the limit.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 03 July 2012 14:20

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