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HARVEST HONEYS: Meet three gals who turn trimming your crop into a treat

There are some beautiful women trimming crops at harvest time. There are some beautiful women trimming crops at harvest time.

It’s a fact: Most growers are male. And while we love ladies who can bring a crop from start to finish, there’s one task where the females already dominate — that’s trimming. Rosebud wants you to meet three great young women who know how to care for your crop.


The first thing most people want to know when they meet Kelsey is how she found this unique career path.

“What really got me into trimming was my personal needs, and then it extended,” she says.

Since those initial steps, Kelsey has created something of a trimming empire. “We run a squad,” she says proudly. “But I am also sitting with them, plucking away.”

The best solution for cleaning scissors is moonshine.

Like most other parts of growing, Kelsey is passionate about what she does. That’s why she is always right in the middle of things, meticulously staying on top of all the details and making sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

“Your heart has to be in it,” Kelsey says. “If you wake up and love your job every day, you are going to be as productive as possible. I can’t think of anything more fulfilling than that.”

Kelsey says that many trimmers become connoisseurs. And although every experienced trimmer has their own technique, Kelsey has a few tricks that will save any trimmer time.

“The best solution for cleaning scissors is moonshine,” she insists.

Kelsey also tells us that the biggest challenge new trimmers face is dealing with being in close quarters with a group of people, sometimes for weeks at a time. These often remote locations are challenging for some, but they have benefits as well.

“Last year we were all together for a good three weeks doing all the outdoor work, and we became a family,” Kelsey recalls. “The awkwardness melts away and people share some deep personal stuff they wouldn’t normally share.”

Ali & Emily

Ali and Emily are two trimmers who love what they do. Ali has been trimming full-time for over six years, and Emily has been trimming the past two seasons while attending school. They both love the fast money they make trimming, but admit that it’s a lot of hard work — with back pain and wrist strain being just two of the challenges.

“Don’t forget being cooped up with people 24/7,” exclaims Ali. “Some people don’t respond very well to that after a couple days.”

Like most trimmers, it was personal relationships that brought these girls to the growing lifestyle. As Emily explains, “I was just always surrounded by it, either family or really good friends. They always needed help and I guess I’m kind of fun to hang out with.”

Sorry guys, but girls are better at trimming.

As most Rosebud readers know, this aspect of the business isn’t all fun and games. Harvest is hard work. Many people don’t last very long. So what tips do two beautiful, feminine, yet strong ladies have for keeping up with all the work?

“I do not use gloves,” Ali insists. “They slow me down. Once you work for a certain amount of time, your fingers start to get coated. If you can tough it out for about an hour and a half, then your fingers will be stick-free.”

“I carry a lot of scissors, about eight pair,” says Ali.

Emily jokes, “We’re girls, and that’s like saying, ‘How many shoes do you have?’ You are supposed to get scissors sharpened every six months to about a year, depending on how much you use them.”

“Not the way we use them,” Ali interjects. “I have to get them sharpened every time I go out. Just keep them sharp, keep them clean, and that’s it.”

Besides equipment, what other advice can these young ladies give growers looking for the perfect trim?

“Be hard on your trimmers and tell them exactly what you want,” Ali says. “It’s simple: Practice makes perfect. And sorry guys, but girls are better at trimming. We are more patient, and we see things that guys don’t see.”

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