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How’s Your Hydroponics Retail Shopping Experience?

Do you get smiles from your hydroponics retailers? Do you get smiles from your hydroponics retailers?

Have you ever experienced hydroponics retail hell? It’s a hydroponics store that doesn’t have the equipment you wanted, even though you called ahead to make sure the equipment was there, and they said it was. Or the people who work at the store don’t know enough about hydroponics gardening to help you get the best hydroponics nutrients and equipment.

The simple fact is that many of us want more professionalism from hydroponics stores. We want a wide selection of hydroponics equipment, nutrients and supplies so we have competitive choices and options. We want easy to understand and easily accessible information about product features, benefits and prices.

Another requirement we have is security: hydroponics growers want to shop in absolute privacy, knowing our transactions are safe and confidential. This isn’t always possible at a hydroponics retail location, which is why hydroponics growers often turn to online hydroponics retailers.

And perhaps most of all we want hydroponics information - insider information that gives us the edge we need so we can get our biggest and best harvests.

When Ryan Bonelli and the other guys at online retailer MonsterGardens.com talk about the goals of their online hydroponics stores, it’s obvious they’ve paid attention to what we want as hydroponics growers.

MonsterGardens reviews a unique grow chamber.

“When we say we’re grower-centered, it means if what we carry isn’t the best thing for the customer, we tell them,” Ryan says. “If we can meet a grower’s needs by selling them products that are lower-priced than top-of-the-line competing products, we offer the lowest priced products first. It’s not what’s best for us as a seller, it’s what’s best for the grower that counts.”

Ryan’s approach carries over into how MonsterGardens selects products to carry.

“We’re real big on testing products ourselves, doing side by side comparisons, going beyond just taking at face value everything manufacturers tell us,” says Ryan. “To be honest with you, in some cases we know more about how a product performs than the manufacturer knows.”

See a side-to-side hydroton comparison.

Even better, MonsterGardens makes professional videos showing you how to use hydroponics products, and comparing them. Check out the videos embedded here, and you’ll see what it looks like when an online hydroponics retailer goes the extra mile for growers.

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Last modified on Friday, 20 July 2012 18:13

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