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Hydroponics Liberation & 21st Century Innovation: Now You’ve Got It Featured

The hydroponics is headed higher now that the industry is liberated. The hydroponics is headed higher now that the industry is liberated.

In our previous article, we talked about how the hydroponics industry has changed from old school days and is starting to catch up with the 21st century.

If you’ve only been growing for a few years, you take it for granted there are hydroponics stores nearby, hydroponics stores online, and Rosebud hydroponics lifestyle magazine. But when I first started growing many years ago, you were lucky to find a hydroponics store and even if you did, it was often a bare-bones operation.

By that I mean you saw a few bottles of General Hydroponics 3-part, bales and slabs of rockwool, a shelf with generic HID bulbs, and a reinforced shelf with magnetic core and coil ballasts (these ballasts weighed so much you could use them to hold down a roof in a hurricane).

In a corner of the store, piled up on the floor would be a few bags of “specialty” potting soil, some pots, tubing, C02 tanks, and electrical supplies. Good luck finding anything useful in that jumbled pile of amateur equipment.

Same jumble in Maximum Yield magazine, the only hydro magazine you could find. The articles then as now...about lettuce and bell peppers. Serious high-value hydroponics growers couldn’t get maximum yield from Maximum Yield. Like you, they wanted more and better hydroponics information and equipment.

Hydroponics stores were dominated by a monopoly distributor-manufacturer called Sunlight Supply that wouldn’t let hydroponics stores carry better equipment or provide honest information to hydroponics growers.

Click to download the PDF of this article.Click to download the PDF of this article.

Your hydroponics choices were virtually nil because the Sunlight Supply-General Hydroponics-Maximum Yield cartel had its jackboot to the neck of the industry and anybody who tried to introduce new products was hit with vicious business tactics, banned from hydroponics expos, and otherwise dissed.

Fortunately, positive changes started happening in 2001 when Advanced Nutrients came on the scene and challenged the neck-stompers.

The dudes who founded Advanced saw how hydroponics innovation was being squashed by the MaxiYield-Sunlight cartel. They heard hydroponics growers complaining about garbage nutrients and old school equipment.

And they vowed “We’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore.”

First the Advanced guys introduced a new approach to hydroponics nutrients…a modernized systems approach that included root boosters, vitamins, carbohydrates, essential oil boosters, crop protectors and a whole lot more.

When Advanced stood up to the good ol’ boys cartel, it was the beginning of a plant-specific hydroponics revolution that now gives you grow tents, automated C02, digital ballasts, and plug and play hydroponics. Stuff you never saw in the bad old days when the cartel dominated.

Throw away your pH Meters!

The Advanced Nutrients revolution advanced a lot further just recently when the company introduced its pH Perfect® Technology and the Bigger Yields Flowering System®.

This new hydroponics nutrients system means you throw away your pH meter and get more nutrition into your plants faster!

For nearly a hundred years, hydroponics growers have been dogged by pH because your plants only absorb nutrients if the root zone and water pH is in a very narrow range. Now, because of Advanced Nutrients' scientists, you are freed from that worry. The new system equalizes almost any water you use and provides maximum nutrient delivery that makes your plants grow and yield like champions.

You save all the time and money you’ve spent on pH issues. What are you going to do with all that extra time and money? Grow bigger, grow more, that's whatCool

Along with liberating you from pH worries, this exciting nutrients system feeds your plants faster and easier so you save money on hydroponics nutrients while seeing faster growth and bigger yields.

It also gives you an easy to follow step by step hydroponics feed program combining ultra-modern base nutrients and bundled boxes of specialty supplements. Even hobbyist growers use this new system to quickly take advantage of high-profit, professional hydroponics techniques and materials that guide you to the highest reaches of hydroponics mastery so you get more crop success than ever before.

As you go up the system's hydroponics nutrients ladder, you save money because each bundle has a discounted price built in. And you make money, because each bundle increases your hydroponics plants’ growth rate and yield so you get way more weight and quality from your every harvest.

Hydroponics retail is better now too. In the old days, most hydroponics stores were censored by the good ol’ boys. Nowadays, hydroponics growers are overjoyed to find sophisticated hydroponics stores such as Miramar Hydroponics in Southern California and Capital City Grower Supply in Lansing, Michigan.

When you talk to the very bright people who work these stores, you recognize our hydroponics industry has grown up, professionalized and is finally providing growers with honest advice about what works best for bigger, more valuable crops.

This level of hydroponics innovation was impossible 20 years ago. If the cartel had continued to dominate our hydroponics community, it would still be impossible now. Thank god we live in the age of hydroponics enlightenment and liberation!

Go to your hydroponics retailers today and find out how you can get pH Perfect® Technology and the Bigger Yields Flowering System® right away. This is the dawn of a new era in hydroponics. The bad old days are finally gone!

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pH Perfect(R) technology works for you in extreme conditions!
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