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SpriNG CloniNG: Get Your Sprayers Out, ’Cause It’s Aero Season!

Get the best, most consistent crop through cloning. Get the best, most consistent crop through cloning.

It’s tough to argue against aeroponic cloning if you want big, healthy root systems fast. That’s why this spring, when beans pop and prop domes crop, we’re outfitting you with this run-down and comparison from the Big Three of comparibly priced aeroponic cloning systems. Plant ’em if ya got ’em, and good luck out there this season!

EZ Clone 30

Planting Sites: 30

Dimensions: 23” X 17” X 15”

Pump Type: Mag Drive 750

Additional Aeration: Yes, air pump

Humidity Dome: No


EZ Clone is the architect of the current design of aeroponic cloning systems. Through the years we have seen improvements and upgrades in the basic concept, however, those who saw the first generations of EZ Cloners would easily recognize those principles in today’s units.


Planting Sites: 48

Dimensions: 22-1/2” X 17-1/2” X 11-1/2”

Pump Type: Mag Drive 450

Additional Aeration: Yes, turbo fan for aeration and cooling

Humidity Dome: Optional


TurboKlone delivers big in small spaces. While maintaining an average footprint compared to similar aero cloners, growers can get over 50% more planting sites in the same space. Throw in a cooling fan to help keep reservoir temps down and provide fresh air into the rooting zone, and you have a great value for your cloning needs.

Power Cloner 45

Planting Sites: 45

Dimensions: 27” X 17-1/2” X 9-1/2”

Pump Type: N/A

Additional Aeration: Yes, air pump

Humidity Dome: Yes, included with white model


The Power Cloner is one of the first aeroponic cloning systems to come standard with a humidity dome (for the white model) and to incorporate air stones and an air pump in addition to the internal aeroponic sprayer manifold. Also included are Botanicare’s AquaShield and PowerClone solutions (where available). Some improvements to the original design include a lower-profile reservoir and leak-tight fitting.


Erik’s Aero-Cloning Tips:

To increase oxygen and help prevent contamination, pre-treat your water with hydrogen peroxide and run it through the system for 24 hours before adding cuttings or nutrients.

Thoroughly sterilize and rinse all the parts of your aero cloner system before each cloning project.

Try to keep reservoir temperatures below 72°F. This can be a challenge with the pump running constantly, so in some cases a timer might be needed, in which case you’ll want an air pump and stones to run constantly.

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