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Fresh Air for Maximum Yield Hydroponics Gardening Featured

Your hydroponics plants are worth money! Your hydroponics plants are worth money!

Hydroponics indoor growers try hard to get the largest and most valuable harvests, and you know how it feels to wonder if there are things you could be doing, or should not be doing, so that you can get maximum yield. Here are some of the easiest and most important ways to improve your hydroponics plants’ health so you get more of what you want…

Your plants breathe through their leaves, and part of their breathing relies on air movement inside your hydroponics room. When air movement is adequate in your grow room, your plants can more efficiently offload wastes through their leaves, and intake C02 more efficiently.

In turn, this supports photosynthesis - the crucial metabolic process that drives all your plants’ functions. If you’re running a CEA sealed room, the only air movement you’ll need to deal with inside your room is air movement provided by oscillating fans that send a gentle breeze through your plants’ leaves.

If you are running a vented room, you need internal air movement from oscillating fans, and you also need adequate venting so that your grow room air is completely exchanged with the outside world at least once an hour if not more.

In a sealed room or a vented room, set your fans to different heights, and position them so they drive air from side to side, top to bottom and bottom to top. Think of creating a tidal flow of air, a kind of circuit that transfers air for better mixing and plant breathing.

If you have uncooled hydroponics HID lights and you find that internal air movement is sending HID-heated air throughout your room, get cooled lights, increase your air conditioning and air exchange, or otherwise adjust your gear and set-up so you have uniform temperatures top to bottom. You don’t want a hot air layer around your lights.

If you’re running Sea of Green or SCROG, you have special reason to be concerned about air movement and stagnation. Plant spacing can be so dense that it facilitates trapped air and transfer of diseases from plant to plant.

If you’re seeing super-dense canopies and you can’t get enough fan action in there to move air inside the leaf zone, you may have to put more space between your plants.

The benefits of putting more space between your plants extends past the fact that the extra spacing facilitates air movement, C02 intake and disease prevention.

It also gives your plants more room to horizontalize instead of verticalize. I see too many hydroponics rooms where the plants are squeezed so closely together that they have nowhere to go but up…towards the hot lights.

Too much vertical growth results in stretchy plants with lower yields, and airy buds (because buds grown in the hot zone near the lights tend to be fluffy instead of dense).

When you give your plants more horizontal spacing, combined with hydroponics feed programs that promote dense, bushy growth rather than tall, lanky growth, you get higher yield per plant.

My last tip of the day is to invest in BaddAss bulbs. These are the only HID bulbs specifically engineered to provide the light wavelengths and intensity your plants need for faster growth and bigger yields. Happy growing!

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