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Get Maximum Yield From These Hydroponics Gardening Videos

Lights, Camera, Hydroponics! Lights, Camera, Hydroponics!

A young hydroponics grower wrote me saying his generation isn’t into reading. He wants me to put more videos in my articles. I wrote him back saying I would look for the maximum yield hydroponics videos and embed them here on RosebudMag.com.

Frankly, before I watched many hours of hydroponics videos, I wasn’t aware of how many great videos are out there for us.

Of course, I immediately thought of Erik Biksa’s fantastic Hydroponics Secrets videos. But as I discovered to my delight, there’s so much more…

  • This video is one of many that give you extremely basic information about hydroponics growing. Many hydroponics videos provide inaccurate or incomplete advice. In their desire to save money by teaching people how to build their own hydroponics systems, they leave out a lot of important information. When I saw how much work it was to build the simple hydro system features in this video, it made me glad I can go to a hydroponics store and buy a better one that’s pre-made.


  • The Garden Girl TV channel on YouTube is one of the tastiest hydroponics channels you’ll find. That’s because Garden Girl Patti Moreno is a beautiful, bright, and passionate organic gardening expert and sustainability advocate who publishes her own gardening magazine and makes incredible videos. Patti is one of the hottest stars in the world of gardening and ecology. You’ll find many hours of joy and gardening tips on her videos and in her magazine. Check Patti out…


  • Explaining hands-on hydroponics skills like cloning is hard using words alone. That’s why I’m happy to offer you this rock-solid how-to cloning video. I recommend using Jiffy Preforma root shooters for better, faster rooting. This dude knows what he’s talking about…


I’m sure you’ll find hours of viewing pleasure just with these video links I’ve provided you. Garden Girl Patti Moreno is particularly delightful, yes? I don’t agree with all the advice in some of these hydroponics-focused videos, but it’s useful to see the variety of techniques and materials shown. Be sure to check back with Rosebudmag.com every day, because we’re giving you the most useful and fun information so you get maximum yield from your hydroponics and outdoor gardening.

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Episode Two in Grower Guru Erik Biksa’s outstanding video series.
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