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Lingo Bingo: Hydroponic Quiz

Test your hydroponics knowledge with this quiz for growers. Test your hydroponics knowledge with this quiz for growers.

Hey Folks, c’mon down and join us here in Hydro Lingo Bingo-the game where you get to show your level of hip-talk in hydroponics. Check with us online at rosebudmag.com/lb for the correct answers.

Impress your family and friends with your cool talking hydroponic know how, or at least know what the guy in the store is trying to explain to you; we’re gonna lay it out, for you to play it out!

1. “flipping the plants”

a)   Selling the product
b)   Getting your plants very upset
c)   Changing light cyles; usually to induce bloom
d)   New upside down growing technique

2. “cropping out”

a) Harvest
b) Misguided attempt at quitting something
c) Planting
d) None of the above

3. “taking cuts”

a) Being at the wrong end of a monkey knife fight
b) Propagating new plants from mother stock
c) Pruning plants to make them bushy
d) Stealing your roomie’s bologna out of the fridge

4. “running Jennies”

a) generator powered growing
b) making your sister and her friends run away
c) growing plants like vines
d) ripped pant crotch

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