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Building The Ultimate Green Man-Cave Featured

What does it take to build the ultimate green man cave? What does it take to build the ultimate green man cave?

One of the best aspects of becoming successful is enjoying your time off. Once you have your garden running more-or-less on its own with timers, meters, and Advanced Nutrients' new pH Perfect® line, it's time to kick back and relax; and what better place to unwind than in your very own custom-made green "man-cave"? We've compiled a guide to some of the best eco-friendly products for any hydroponic gardener's ultimate fun zone, so you can surround yourself with the best stuff to save the planet while you play.

Green Television

Samsung 8000 Series 3D LED HDTV

There are a wide variety of 3D televisions available, but Samsung's 8000 Series is the cream of the crop. Featuring a crisp 55 inch 1080p high definition screen, this TV can play 3D films as well as 2D, and can even convert regular television programs into 3D, making those football games -- or Jersey Shore episodes -- that much more realistic.

This Energy Star compliant television weighs only 66 lbs and features optional Wi-fi compatibility and built-in wired Ethernet ports for Internet use. It has built-in apps like Netflix and Blockbuster Online for watching movies, Hulu for television, and web staples like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pandora.

Green Blu-Ray Player

Panasonic 3D Blu-Ray Player w/ Wi-fi

Now that you have your 3D television, you will need a 3D Blu-ray player to really get the most out of your setup. There are a lot of great players available but the Panasonic 3D Blu-ray player had the best reviews from critics and users alike, and uses very little power to operate.

Another Energy Star-rated appliance, this device not only plays both 2D and 3D Blu-ray movies in glorious high definition, it also improves normal DVDs to 1080p, which may inspire you to revisit that old DVD collection, and iPhone connectivity allows owners to use their iPhone as a remote.

Green Gaming

Nintendo Wii

If you want to catch up with the current generation of gaming consoles and eco-friendliness is your main concern, the Nintendo Wii is the system for you. Most people know about the Wii's unique controller and trendsetting motion-sensing technology, which Sony and Microsoft have now co-opted for their Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. What most people don't know is that the Wii uses less than one-sixth the energy of the PS3 or 360, making it by far the most eco-friendly of the big three.

That said, now that you have invested in a high-definition television, you will probably want to use it to its maximum potential, so you are likely craving the graphical capabilities of the 360 or the powerhouse PS3. The planet won't disown you for buying one of these systems, just make sure that you buy a newer model (energy consumption for both the PS3 and 360 has decreased with each generation) and turn it off when not in use -- both systems still use a lot of power, even on stand-by.

Green Furniture

Vivavi Modern Furniture


Made from environmentally responsible goods like FSC-certified wood, bamboo, recycled materials and cotton, this chic furniture is a must-have for the home of any green-minded individual who still appreciates luxury. Vivavi Furniture, founded in 2003 by 'The Lazy Environmentalist' Josh Dorfman, operates under the principle that living green doesn't have to be about sacrifice. Their line of lounge furniture would be perfect in any green man-cave; we especially like their sectionals.

Green Aquarium

Farm in a Box® - Little Tokyo Aquaponic Aquarium by Earth Solutions


A man-cave isn't complete without a kick-ass aquarium and we have found one that seems tailor-made for the Rosebud reader. Earth Solutions' Farm in a Box - Little Tokyo Aquaponic system is a self-contained, fully functioning Aquaponic ebb and flow system. Fish live in a 10-gallon aquarium at the base of the unit, which in turn is used to water your plants of choice, situated above. The water gets recycled back-and-forth between the fish and the plants, providing vital nutrients to both fish and plant in an amazing symbiotic relationship.

This is a great little system, one of the smallest available, and at under $300 it is also a very reasonably-priced addition to your man-cave, and adds to the fun of an aquarium by allowing you to watch your fish and your plants grow together.

So, there's your start. Once you have the basics, you can add in whatever you like, from your favorite art or posters, vintage arcade units, even a bar or dance pole; it's your cave, make it awesome. Just remember that being green is about simple choices that reduce your environmental footprint and small decisions add up.

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