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Festive Figures

  • Written by  URBAN GARDENS

Q: What are your current challenges?

A: Keeping up with new trends is vital in order to have a market edge in the industry. Our mission is to position each client on the path to growing greatness.A challenge we consistently have is understanding each product in order to give our clients the expertise they are looking for to grow a garden full of life. 

We take pride in being a family-owned and -operated business. Taking the time to focus on each client, we give exceptional service not found anywhere else. We overcome any challenges our clients may have by doing the research necessary to find the best solution.

Q: Where do you see the hydroponics industry going in the next five years?

A: By educating consumers on the benefits of growing hydroponically, the market will grow. In many parts of the world, the only option for growing year round is hydroponics. This is not only a benefit to consumers, but also for commerciallygrown produce. More and more greenhouse produce is hydroponically grown in the United States and other parts of the world. Aquaponics is also a growing trend. In Richwood, Ohio, Fresh Harvest Farm is growing its produce aquaponically, with an outdoor pond that contains perch, which feeds the plants. At the end of the season, they sell the perch in the pond. This is environmentally friendly, as well as cost efficient.

Q: What’s the oddest request you’ve ever been asked?

A: Personnel from the Marion Correctional Institute came into our shop and asked if we could educate the inmates on the methods and benefits of hydroponic growing. They have added a greenhouse and are trying to become self-sufficient. We taught a two-hour class on hydroponics, discussing the differences between hydroponic and soil growing, the importance of water pH, and the importance that atmosphere has on your growing operation, including CO2. We also touched on how lighting works.


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