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Lingo Bingo: Hydroponic Word Games

How hip are you to hydroponics lingo? How hip are you to hydroponics lingo?

Are you a true horticultural expert? Take our quiz about hydroponic lingo and see what you really know.

1. A distraught friend says that his plants are covered in “honeydew.” What is he talking about?

a) The webbing caused by spider mites.

b) A sticky substance secreted onto plants by pests.

c) A coating due to overusing foliar spray, which may smother plants.

2. Someone calls your plants leggy if:

a) Your stems are stretched unnecessarily long, probably due to lack of light.

b) You have removed too many leaves from underneath your plant.

c) You’ve got some sexy plants.

3. Plants experiencing phototropism are:

a) Being exposed to too many lumens, causing hyperactive chlorophyll production.

b) Unable to complete photosynthesis, probably because of inbreeding.

c) Bending their stems and leaves to directly face your light source.


1. b

2. a

3. c

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