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Bedbugs Are Here, And They're Harder To Get Rid Of Than Spam!

Get your act together and avoid those sleepless nights. Get your act together and avoid those sleepless nights.

Halloween and all the usual autumn scariness will come and go, but this scary little creature seems determined to stay. Bedbugs are rapidly colonizing landmark buildings in the city of New York, apart from being the subject of a major bug scare across the United States. Afraid of carrying troops of merry bloodsuckers home, tourists are cancelling vacation sojourns at the height of the holiday season.

In September this year, Chicago hosted the first North American Bedbug Summit. Hundreds of bug experts, vendors, exterminators, and scientists gathered to find ways to combat the worsening menace after almost five decades of complacent calm on the bedbug front. The two-day conference incorporated seminars on detection devices, extermination techniques and fumigation. It was also attended by those who have been most affected by the bugs – landlords, hotels, dormitories, shelters and military housing facilities.

Bedbugs have now become the new cause of social apartheid. Announce the bedbug infestation you’re dealing with only if you yearn for the asocial life. Your friends don’t want to see you, no one wants to go on a trip with you and it is highly likely that your therapist might bar you from her office too.

Bedbugs are grossBedbugs are grossIn Boston, incoming students renting off-campus apartments were advised against picking up furniture discarded by previous tenants to prevent new infestations. Antique furniture stores have seen a pronounced drop in business. While upholstered items are a complete no-no, some buyers are going the whole hog and steering clear of second-hand furniture and clothing.

Hotels across the country are investing heavily in bedbug prevention and extermination. Most hotels (and people) are reluctant when it comes to talking about infestations; apart from the stigma, for many, it can mean a substantial loss of business. In fact, bedbugs are such a serious issue that the poor, with little help from charitable organizations, are spending significant chunks of their income on hiring exterminators to spray their apartments and replacing infested mattresses.

If you have faced an infestation, it is best to call in the exterminators NOW! But if you are yet to see traces of the bugs, a few preventive measures will keep you safely away from the bedbugs without cramping your style too much. If you’re going to be traveling soon, check sites like BedBugRegistry.com or Bedbugger.com to find out if your hotel has had recent issues with bedbugs. Call them to check if the problem is now under control. Remember, one incident may not necessarily mean the whole hotel is infested. But then, that just might be the case…

If you rent your home, immediately inform the landlord if bedbugs show up. Prospective landlords are not obliged to let you know about previous infestations but they have to tell you if you ask. So place that question right at the top of your list, and you might be saved the hassle of sealing everything you own in plastic bags, trashing all your upholstered stuff and possibly finding a new place to rent.

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