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Celebrity Home Gardeners Aren’t Afraid of a Little Dirt

One of the world’s most accomplished songwriters is not only a music legend, but a lover of quality food fresh from the garden. One of the world’s most accomplished songwriters is not only a music legend, but a lover of quality food fresh from the garden.


You can’t deny that celebrities have an oversized influence on our culture. While all too often this takes the form of purse-sized canines or poorly shot sex tapes, sometimes the message these celebs convey is a positive one. That’s why we’re happy when an A-lister makes a point of promoting home gardening. It’s nice to know that we share something with the cultural elite. Everyone is the same when they’re digging in the dirt. Here are some of our favorite famous gardeners.

Michelle Obama

More than a mere celebrity, the First Lady of the United States can spearhead the sort of program that makes a real difference. That’s why Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign has inspired so many community gardens nationwide.

No hypocritical politician, Mrs. Obama used part of the White House grounds to plant a large vegetable and herb garden. This raised-bed garden is not only used for decorative and educational purposes—the foods are also harvested and donated to local food pantries. Mrs. Obama even wrote a book chronicling the construction and completion of the garden, titled American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America.


Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah is a badass vegan hippie chick, and she wants you to know it. She chooses roles in movies that are memorable, then spends the rest of her time tending to her 100% organic garden, which you will find at the converted stagecoach stop where she lives in the middle of the Rocky Mountains.

Hannah spends a lot of time using her celebrity status to bring attention to issues. This recently included standing in solidarity with Texas landowner and grandmother Eleanor Fairchild as they attempted to stop the bulldozing of her family’s land to build a section of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Both Hannah and Fairchild were arrested.

Hannah then said in a prepared statement, “In the U.S., we have a long history of nonviolent civil disobedience, one of the primary tools used by citizens to stand up against injustice.”


Paul McCartney

A true OG animal lover, Sir Paul was perhaps the first well-known celebrity vegetarian, along with his late wife, Linda. The pair became staunch animal-rights activists who advocated a meat-free diet by appearing in ads for PETA, and they created a line of ready-to-eat vegetarian dishes, which you can still find in stores 15 years after Linda’s untimely passing. She also wrote several vegetarian cookbooks during her time, in which she would use vegetables and herbs picked directly from her and Paul’s garden.

Today, Paul is dead serious about keeping GMO ingredients out of anything with the McCartney name. After a small quantity of GM soy was found in the soya that they use, it was immediately recalled and replaced with non-GMO soy. About GMOs, he has said, “I can understand what [Tony Blair, in supporting GMO foods] is doing. He does not want people to panic.” But, he added, “I think he is wrong. I don’t think there is enough evidence about the problems which might arise through GM food.”


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