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  A natural-born rebel with a love of the finer things in life. Unafraid to explore the rougher edges of the world, especially if do-ing so results in a feast of nature’s abundance. An outsider with a DIY punk rock attitude and whose freedom and success have made him the…
  In the current issue of Rosebud Magazine (the one with Anthony Bourdain on the cover), we talk about the trend of celebrity chefs and how they use their celebrity. Many do some wonderful things in the way of exploring the connection between people and their food. But there’s a…
  Every couple of months we look at the hottest TV, film, and music releases so that you can spend your precious time in your garden rather than sifting through reviews and the detritus of the entertainment world. When you get home from the grow room, these entertainment options will…
  Intronaut is a difficult band to put your finger on. Progressive? Yes. Metal? Yes. But what other bands do they sound like? Good luck with that. All we can tell you is that Intronaut delivers intelligent, compelling, and above all, kickass tunes time and time again. Whether you want…
  Not a lot of bands do the world tour thing anymore. Most don’t have the fan base or work ethic for that kind of undertaking. But Emmure aren’t your average band.
Check out these albums, movies, TV shows, and other cool stuff we're into right now. These are great ways to pass the time when you're not tending to your plants, or in some cases, while you're tending to your beloved grow.
  From Star Wars’ Princess Leia to Star Trek: Voyager’s Seven of Nine, sci-fi franchises always offer a galactic gal to drive fanboys wild. Here’s the current crop of science-fiction females who make us wish the future would hurry up and get here already.
  What makes a woman truly hot? Poets, songwriters and novelists have all attempted to analyze, dissect and glorify the intoxicating allure of the female form. It might have been dear old mother who once uttered, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts,” but Rosebud knows better.
 Hey growers, welcome to our regular Hot Stuff feature, where we sift through the world of entertainment to dig up some recommendations that we think might tickle the taste buds of those living the growers lifestyle. This time, we've dealing with a bunch of legends in one way or another,…
  Hey growers, we’re back with more Hot Stuff for you. In our web exclusive, we’re bringing you the best music to bump in your grow room, on the commute to and from your grow, and of course while you’re enjoying the fruits of a new harvest. This week, we’re…

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