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As the public grows wary of GMOs and the wide range of pesticides our food endures, more and more people are turning to their own gardens to provide for themselves and their families.
Growing plants without soil has a long list of benefits. Its greatest? The power to cultivate greenery in locations that would otherwise be unsuitable. This type of innovation is not without trailblazers and some just push the envelope. Hats off to these folks for being original; they are using hydroponics…
In every issue of Rosebud Magazine, we take a look at the numbers that affect our world, some of them interesting and some them fun. This time around, in honor of our Northern California issue, we take a deeper look at some of the numbers that move that part of…
Urban gardening is taking off in major centers around the world, from New York to Tokyo. One of the most impressive of these projects towers above Western Canada’s most populous city, Vancouver.
If you ever looked into how to prevent legginess in your plants, you may have been advised to "pinch" or "top" the topmost bud on the main stem in order to make the plant grow bushier.
There’s a sour side to every summer barbeque. It might be Uncle Ted, who always has a few too many beers, but if you’re lucky, it’ll be a sliver of dill cozying up to that juicy burger and salty potato chips. 
As the greenish hue of summer turns to yellow and the branches of trees and shrubs soon find themselves bare, you might see the skeletal remains of a leaf. It is intricate in design, knit in webs, and the veins of a leaf appear to remind us of their place…
  Hey Rosebud Readers! Check out our new interactive quiz, where you could win a one-year subscription to Rosebud Magazine. All you have to do is answer the questions below. All the information you need to answer the quiz comes from Rosebud Magazine #29, the one with Sons of Anarchy…
How did Shawn Levy go from being an aspiring actor in Montreal to a big time Hollywood director? From humble show business beginnings, Levy has managed to find himself at the helm of a hit movie franchise (the Night at the Museum series, starring Ben Stiller) and working with such…
Did you know that you can grow mushrooms hydroponically? For amateur mycologists, this claim may seem like a stretch since mushrooms do not have roots like traditional plants. Despite their differences in physiology however, mushrooms can thrive in a soilless medium and produce greater yields in a shorter amount of…

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