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It’s the time of year that all hockey fans wait for – the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. Which of this year’s crop of 16 teams will be crowned champs? The Washington Capitals rolled through the regular season, earning a #1 seed, but it’s a new season and anything can happen.In…
The classic image of the Boston Bruins hockey team is that of a gritty, tough, but talented bunch. The type of team that is just as likely to give you a black eye as light the goal light. For much of the past 20 years, the Bruins seemed to lack…
It used to be that watching non-powered comic book heroes like Batman and Robin or Marvel’s Daredevil ply their serialized trade required suspension of disbelief. When it comes to some things, like taking on a dozen attackers at once, it still does. But what about the way those spandex-clad super…
Laird Hamilton Conquers the most ferocious waves in the world.  Laird Hamilton minces no words; he does not fear “fear itself.”  Rather, the man known as the world’s best, bravest, and most innovative big-wave surfer embraces it.
Who hasn’t longed to soar through the air? The Wright Brothers made the dream of human flight a reality, but now wingsuits and extreme sports innovators like Jeb Corliss are giving humans an even more incredible flying experience.
Skiing holidays are becoming more popular for winter getaways. Prices for all-inclusive European ski packages have been dramatically reduced in recent years, and more slopes are constantly being discovered. However, with all the excitement it’s quite easy to forget that skiing is actually a sport rather than a stroll in…
What's extreme about rock climbing? The answer: What isn't? This sport is quite dangerous and challenging, both physically and mentally. But any man should experience the thrill of rock climbing - at least once.
Venezuelan boxier and world champion, Edwin Valero, was found dead in his jail cell on Monday. Valero had hanged himself with his clothes after being detained over the murder of his wife.
When Rafael Nadal won Wimbledon 2010 last week, he captured his eighth slam title. At age 24 years, 31 days, he became the second youngest tennis player to hit eight majors in the Open era. The other five youngest were Ivan Lendl, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, and the youngest of…
The PS3 was home to some of the year’s best titles, but Frogger Returns is destined to be ignored for its clunky play and lack of online mode.

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