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  Animated vegetables like Triffids are confined to science fiction, and we have little trouble distinguishing animals from plants. However, biologists have long known that plants do sense and react in ways that resemble animals. But how much do the re-searchers really know, and can they answer the perennial question,…
  Plants will bend themselves outside of their natural growth habit to reach into light. A plant on a windowsill turns to face the sun, letting you know it’s not receiving enough of it. This phenomenon is known as phototropism. It demonstrates how perfectly necessary it is for plants to…
  College graduates and other college-age job seekers have probably had enough reminders that they’re entering a bleak job market. But to put things in perspective, here are the latest numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:
  Growers value their anonymity. Yet one of the easiest ways to give that up is to use your own vehicle, especially in urban areas where ubiquitous traffic cams keep a constant tally on where you travel.
  Welcome to Tokyo, a high paced supercity defined by neon, glass, concrete and one of the most unlikely places to find a hydroponic farm.
  With great weather now upon us, it's time to frolic in home gardens and back yards once again. For pet owners, this means opening and closing the door to no end, letting our beloved companions in and out for their chance to enjoy the outdoors.
  In every issue of Rosebud Magazine, we bring you a selection of the hottest video games on shelves. Check out these games, and max out this summer. Escape the heat with some killer vids.
  We all heard them on the schoolyards and suburban cul-de-sacs where we grew up – rumors of mutant pets, bizarre deaths and secret celebrity alter egos. As the stories got passed around, the buzz generated by their haunting mysteries seemed to grow more and more alluring.
  Norway’s Shining aren’t your average metal band. In fact, they started out as a jazz group. But they’ve managed to crack into the mainstream of their native Norway, and now with a new album, BlackJazz, they’re set to take over the rest of the world.
  There’s an old saying that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except backwards and in high heels. A similar notion describes the career of professional stuntwoman Gaëlle Cohen.

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