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  Attempts to modernize the rickety machine that is present day farming has only caused us to stray deeper into an abyss of revamped pesticide formulas, genetic modifications and chemical treatments.
  With spring upon us, nothing better illustrates the season than pregnant flower buds giving way to prolific blooming. These beacons of springtime bloom thanks in part to a process called vernalization.
  Hey music fans, we know that there’s one thing you like as much as new kickass music from your favorite band, and that’s getting free stuff. Fast rising rock duo Middle Class Rut have a new album, Pick Up Your Head, and a hot tour coming right up this…
  The next time you find yourself staring at the staggering array of cigarette packs behind the counter at your local gas station or convenience store, you may notice a new product worth checking out: electronic cigarettes (e-cigs). Hitting the market a few years ago, but gaining popularity recently, an…
  For a band with millions of YouTube views, Middle Class Rut are an anomaly. Zack Lopez and Sean Stockham don’t pander to the masses with auto-tuned bubblegum pop churned out in some big studio’s songwriting factory. Instead, the Sacramento duo blast out blazing rock tunes that are equal parts…
  Two years after the greatest nuclear catastrophe since Chernobyl, Japan's Fukushima prefecture struggles to return to a life it once knew.
  Jean Giraudoux once said, "The flower is the poetry of reproduction. It is an example of the eternal seductiveness of life." The novelist may have a point, considering our flowering friends are far from being neuter and, like humans, enjoy a very active sex life.
  With modern day food production being managed en masse by multi-million dollar conglomerates, it's difficult to keep track of who owns what. Each producer a subsidiary of a larger company, it's no longer enough to stop at the back of the box. You may think you know what Kraft…
  Many indoor growers have dreamed about hiding their grow rooms far below the earth’s surface. This would, of course, increase security, but also give the grower better control over the environment and reduce potentially harmful outside influences, like insects or other pathogens.
  When his contract with MSNBC was up, Dylan Ratigan shocked many fans when the television host chose to leave television almost altogether (with the exception of some guest spots) to pursue is new calling – growing hydroponic plants to employ veterans and feed the hungry.

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