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  A natural-born rebel with a love of the finer things in life. Unafraid to explore the rougher edges of the world, especially if do-ing so results in a feast of nature’s abundance. An outsider with a DIY punk rock attitude and whose freedom and success have made him the…
  In the current issue of Rosebud Magazine (the one with Anthony Bourdain on the cover), we talk about the trend of celebrity chefs and how they use their celebrity. Many do some wonderful things in the way of exploring the connection between people and their food. But there’s a…
  In the world of too-big-to-fail megabanks, microlending is bringing investment back to what it was meant to be: small-to-medium size loans between investors and businesses. Typically utilized in developing nations where people only need a few hundred dollars to start their business or finance their next harvest, this new…
  Every couple of months we look at the hottest TV, film, and music releases so that you can spend your precious time in your garden rather than sifting through reviews and the detritus of the entertainment world. When you get home from the grow room, these entertainment options will…
  Eric Cutter is a serial entrepreneur. His latest project caught Rosebud’s attention because he’s producing massive amounts of hydroponically grown food for his community on less than a quarter-acre of space. His method? Vertical hydroponic towers by Vertigro. He's changing the future of food production through hydroponic farming.
  It could be the dawning of a new day for agriculture thanks to a fresh kind of greenhouse that is environmentally friendly, economical and allows for growing some of the cleanest food imaginable.
  For those of us looking to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our health all at once, citizens of Vancouver, B.C. have a new option in the form of a small grocery store and juice bar, which specializes in offering literally the freshest herbs, micro-greens and sprouts available.
  So you think your indoor growing environment is pretty revolutionary? It may very well be here on Earth, but the folks at NASA, teamed with Russian scientists, are conducting growth experiments in space.
    Hey music fans, we know that there’s one thing you like as much as new kickass music from your favorite band, and that’s getting free stuff. Century Media progressive metalstalwartsIntronaut are touring in 2013 to support their stunning new album, Habitual Levitations, and to help spread the word,…
  Welcome to the third annual Rosebud Magazine Buddy Awards, where we honor the best in hydroponic growing. From the greatest gear to the hottest hydro stars, the Buddy Awards asked Rosebud Magazine readers to tell us who and what deserves recognition this year.

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