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Check out these albums, movies, TV shows, and other cool stuff we're into right now. These are great ways to pass the time when you're not tending to your plants, or in some cases, while you're tending to your beloved grow.
  Check out these numbers related to topics that interest hydroponics enthusiasts. We collected some interesting facts for our readers. Check ‘em out.
  From Star Wars’ Princess Leia to Star Trek: Voyager’s Seven of Nine, sci-fi franchises always offer a galactic gal to drive fanboys wild. Here’s the current crop of science-fiction females who make us wish the future would hurry up and get here already.
  We love gaming here at Rosebud Magazine, and we know a lot of you growers are avid gamers as well. That’s why we love to take the chance to talk games with you when we can. Whether you rock a PlayStation, Xbox or WiiU, we’ve got something that’ll excite…
  Hydroponics is everywhere in today’s society, encompassing individual home growers, communities fighting for organic foods and developing nations struggling to survive the challenges of global warming. Rosebud spoke to three very different hydroponic companies that are all working toward a greener future.
  The term science fiction usually conjures images of sterile white spacesuits, shimmering silver ray guns and twinkling control panel lights, or perhaps the weird, jagged, rocky terrains of unexplored planets. Fair enough, but science fiction can also transport us to lush, verdant worlds coated in all manner of thriving,…
 Check out these great gift ideas for your fellow growers. Or maybe treat yourself to something special!
  Agriculture has long been at the core of human civilization, with the ability to grow and harvest produce being an important factor in determining where people take root. For this reason, the most extreme spots on the planet have remained mostly uninhabited.
  As growers, we have an intimate relationship with our plants. We start them from seeds and watch as they mature, eventually developing beautiful flowers and fruits for our customers enjoyment as well as our own. But did you ever wonder why plants do what they do? Why are our…
  It all begins with Eisenia fetida, otherwise known as the red wiggler worm. These fascinating earthworms break down and transform food scraps into nutrient-rich soil.

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