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RoseBud Issue 28 Quiz

What did you learn from issue 28 of Rosebud Magazine? What did you learn from issue 28 of Rosebud Magazine?


Think you’ve learned all you can about hydroponic growing from this issue of Rosebud? Take this quick quiz to find out what you’ve learned (and what you might have missed).

1) Sunscreen blocks which type of UV rays? 

a) UVA
b) UVB
c) Both
d) Neither


2) Which of the following is not used in organic pest-control products?

a) Alliinase
b) Spinosad
c) Azadirachtin
d) Maltodextrin


3) Which of these critters should you welcome into your garden?

a) Ladybugs
b) Aphids
c) Caterpillars
d) Cats


4) Plants use pheromones to do which of the following?

a) Produce tannin
b) Mimic insect alarms
c) Lure prey
d) All of the above


5) 12,000 BTUs of A/C cooling will cool what wattage of vented grow lights?

a) 1,500 watts
b) 3,000 watts
c) 6,000 watts
d) 30,000 watts


6) The dew point is determined by:

a) Relative humidity and temperature
b) pH and temperature
c) EC and ppm
d) BTU and wattage


7) Single enzyme products can perform:

a) One function
b) Multiple functions
c) No functions at all


8) Which vitamin has been proven to help prevent stress in crops during high heat?

a) Vitamin A
b) Calcium
c) Zinc
d) Vitamin B


9) Which of the following plant nutrient products does not contain plant growth regulators?

a) Bush Load
b) HammerHead
c) Top Load
d) Flower Dragon


10) Which substance is not considered a plant beneficial?

a) Carbohydrates
b) Bacteria
c) Bacillus
d) Protein


1. c
2. d
3. a
4. d
5. b
6. a
7. a
8. d
9. b
10. d

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