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Your Caribbean Hydroponics Spring Break Vacation Featured

Hydroponics fun in the spring break sun! Hydroponics fun in the spring break sun!

Winter is chilling your bones, and you’re ready for sun and fun. Maybe you’re looking for a spring break fling without the boozed-up frat boys. Here’s the good news: you can go to a world-class Caribbean resort that offers hydroponics growers a vacation paradise.

Famous worldwide for being the only five-star resort that has an onsite hydroponics farm, CuisinArt Resort on Anguilla also has fine beaches, turquoise waters, gourmet food, and spa services. But for me, the premier attraction is the hydroponics farm run by Dr. Howard Resh, a hydroponics pioneer whose inventions and research form the basis for the modern hydroponics nutrients industry.

Dr. Resh is in charge of the resort’s hydroponics gardens. Using drip irrigation, an 18,000 square foot greenhouse, raised beds, recycled water, bucket systems and other innovative gardening techniques, Resh produces almost all the fresh vegetables and herbs used by the resort’s gourmet chefs.

Resh grows primo tomatoes, lettuces, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, bok choy, and many other crops using proprietary techniques and materials. He founded the CuisinArt farm in 1999.

You can meet Dr. Resh, tour the hydroponics farm, harvest your own hydroponics veggies and work with chefs to create a gourmet three-course meal.

Anguilla is 16 miles long and it’s surrounded by coral reefs, turquoise waters, cays, shipwrecks and marine parks that make diving, sailboating and snorkeling truly unforgettable experiences.

Not only that, but landlubbers will appreciate the island’s rainforest, historic caverns, salt ponds, tennis courts, horseriding trails, white sand beaches, bicycling and PGA-quality golf courses.

Stunning Hydroponics Caribbean ResortStunning Hydroponics Caribbean ResortThe resort features a team of chefs who serve up lobster, Caribbean cuisine, and other specialties in an elegant dining room with a lovely view. You’ll stay in gorgeous rooms and villas modeled on Mediterranean themes, with white stone construction, and large windows looking out onto paradise. Some lodging choices offer you your own private solarium, kitchen and swimming pool!

You get to CuisinArt Resort by flying to Saint Maartens and then taking a 20-minute ferry ride to Anguilla. The island has a moderate and rather dry tropical climate. It doesn’t get too hot in the summer, and it’s just right in the winter- so you can visit year round.

Unlike Jamaica and some other Caribbean islands, Anguilla has virtually no crime and has so far been spared from the earth-destroying tourist development you see in Montego Bay, Acapulco or on the Costa Rican coast.

Ready to pack for CuisinArt? Good. Two pieces of advice. First, Dr. Resh is very much in demand at worldwide hydroponics events, so he isn’t always physically present at CuisinArt Resort. Contact the resort ahead of time to find out when Dr. Resh will for sure be there.

Also ask the resort to let you spend more time with Dr. Resh- CuisinArt customarily gives only limited access to the hydroponics legend and it would be way better if the resort offered more Resh face time for hydroponics gardeners who want to work the gardens with Dr. Resh and take classes from the master.

Second, make sure you’re sitting down when you look at the resort’s rates. This is definitely a high-end resort. However, given that you read Rosebud cultivation articles so you’re a high-yield hydroponics gardener earning tons of money from your premium hydroponics plants, price isn’t really an issue, is it?

CuisinArt is the only resort giving you an on-site grandmaster hydroponics garden run by the world’s leading hydroponics expert. Whether it’s spring break or some other vacation time, for someone who loves hydroponics, this truly is the vacation of your lifetime!

Your hydroponics Caribbean dream vacation.


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