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Bodybuilding 101: Hydroponics Growers Who Work the Gym…Read This

  • Written by  Derek Hobson
Most serious bodybuilders are on free weights Most serious bodybuilders are on free weights

Ok, so maybe you just threw down another one of those men’s fitness magazines in utter frustration. It’s the pictures that really get to you. Why? Because the dudes in those zines have six-pack abs, massive muscles from the neck down, and you’ve been working out as hard as you can, but it never seems to happen as fast or as big as you’d like.

It’s true…the bodybuilders in the magazines and on stage at world-class competitions are in a class by themselves. Most of them work on their physiques for a living- it’s their job to pump and get bigger. Most of us haven’t got the time to do that, so here’s how you can max your workouts, get stronger, and take the stress out of your fitness quest.

Find the Sequence- It’s There for a Reason

First of all, when you’re in the gym you’ve got to have a varied but programmed schedule that recognizes the science of muscle-building. They don’t call it circuit training for nothing, and yes there’s a reason the signs on the equipment, or the gym’s trainer, tell you to hit this machine first and that machine next.

Fact is, your muscles respond best when you build them in a specific sequence. In a good gym, the sequence is designed by a competent sports therapist, kinesiologist or professional bodybuilder who knows the best way to work the entire body.

This means per day, and per month. For example, one of your days is going to arm focus, another day will be leg focus, another will be chest.

On arm day you don’t just go in and work whatever machines and equipment you get your hands on. You start with a stretch, then you go to the pull-up bar and lift yourself slowly up and down for 7-15 reps, with a two minute rest between sets.

Make sure you change your hand position from forward holding to reverse holding so you work your triceps and biceps, while also helping your wrists and hands get tougher.

After three reps in each hand position, find an inversion table and go vertical for four minutes. Watch your heart rate. When it goes from double your resting pulse rate to only a few beats over your resting rate, that’s a good indicator of when you’re ready to move to the next exercise.

They keys for any aspect of your workout are: slow down and pay attention to every microsecond of the lift, breathe evenly and fully, visualize the muscle gain you’re working for.

A Skilled Spotter Can Save Your Life

Most serious bodybuilders are on free weights, but that’s only smart if you’ve always got a spotter working with you or at least paying attention to you from nearby.

It’s a little-discussed fact that gym injuries from free lifting without spotters can be real severe, and they happen more often than you’d think.

In the worst cases, guys drop the weight on their neck during a bench press, and create a life-threatening situation.

The good news is when you have a spotter, you can go for a more intense workout. Ask the spotter to stand close when you’re doing a max set that pushes you past your previous record for reps and/or weight. You don’t have to go too far past your previous best, but enough to where you need the spotter to assist your downstroke.

This may seem like cheating- but it isn’t. Say you’ve previously benched 200 and can easily handle three sets of 10 reps each. Now go to 220 and four sets of 11 reps each.

You’ll feel the burn, and the spotter will be there to keep the bar from dropping on your chest or face. But you did most of the rep, and the spotter’s help didn’t take all the pressure off your muscles.

He gave you a light assist, and you know you did most of the work. Pretty soon, you’ll have upped your personal best; the gains will be fast and noticeable.  Take a look in the mirror and watch those muscles grow. It’s just like properly-fed flowers swelling up during peak bloom phase!

Your Plants Need Top Nutrition & So Do You

Just like your plants need multi-chelated N-P-K, micros, amino acids, carbos, vitamins and other substances so they give you racehorse growth and mountains of yield, food is your fuel, and there are way too many opinions about what’s best to eat and drink if you’re serious about your workout and want the most from every calorie.

If you’re in training or just a serious gym rat who lifts five or more days per week, you’ve got to intake the right foods so your body has the raw materials to build muscles fast.

We’re talking lean beef, organic chicken, liver and eggs in the right quantities that fill your stomach to make you feel satisfied but not too full.

If you’re doing a super-intense workout on Saturday, Friday is going to be a lean protein day, and also a carboload day. It’s just like your plants- you need carbohydrates for fuel.

Remember also that food takes away energy to digest. Some foods are so dense, gnarly or otherwise difficult for your stomach acids and digestive system to extract nutrients from that there’s actually no net gain of energy when all’s said and done.

And watch out for empty calories- alcohol, most breads, candy, junk foods- that burden your system without giving you anything that your body can turn into muscle.

Master the Inner Game of Bodybuilding

Now look, the mechanics and logistics of working out, reps, sequences, dietary regimens and rest days are a personal matter you design for yourself by paying attention to your body, managing your other life obligations (such as job and family) and listening to a professional trainer.

Rest assured there’s an inner game of working out that takes the frustration out of your workout and puts the fun back in. Start by remembering why you’re doing this- because you want to be in shape, able to survive in this tough world, to present a good image for professional and personal success.

Remember also that beating yourself up, envying the champions, or becoming obsessed by how many inches you added to your biceps this month can turn into mental stress that eats away at your enjoyment of working out, and life itself.

Pat yourself on the back for caring enough about your body that you’re dedicated to fitness. Instead of complaining about how you look, see all the muscle you’ve gained, remember the camaraderie and fun you have in the gym, and have some pride in what you’ve achieved.

You’ll see more Rosebud articles that help you build the body that commands respect from guys and interested looks from women, so enjoy your workouts, be careful and paced in the gym, and focus on your many gains.

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