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Banish Fatigue by Eating Right

  • Written by  Athanikar
Steel cut oats with eggs or nuts are great for breakfast Steel cut oats with eggs or nuts are great for breakfast

Can you imagine a car running with bad quality fuel? Conjures up an ugly picture? It’s pretty much the same way with food - the only true fuel for our bodies. If you feel drained and fatigued quite often and prefer snoozing on the couch rather than hitting the gym after work, you need a diet makeover.

Food intake throughout the day has a direct impact on your energy levels. It’s funny how people understand their cars better than their own bodies. For instance, no man fills ‘junk petrol’ in his car! So when you want to steer those high profile meetings, indulge in high-intensity workouts and socialize with much élan, you’ll need energy to keep up the tempo, always.

And for that, you must concentrate on some fatigue fighting foods and eat them at the right times, so that you are well-nourished and energized to enjoy the good things in life.

Here are some nourishing and energizing foods that we highly recommend.


Start your day with good old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast, not the instant or flavored varieties. Breakfast is the most important meal that sets your tone for the day. So be sure that you don’t skip it.

Oatmeal is a wonder food for your digestive system and regulates your blood sugar to avoid energy spikes and slumps. Minimally processed oatmeal – look out for ‘steel cut’, ‘thick cut’ varieties – digest slowly and help you feel full and energetic for a long time keeping junk food cravings at bay. For some extra boost, couple it with egg whites or some protein rich nuts for energy that will last really long.

Whole grain toast with peanut butter

To avoid an early afternoon slump, it’s critical that you feed your body mid-morning to keep the energy levels high. Whole grain toast with peanut butter helps fight fatigue. This slow digesting snack is devoid of extra sweeteners often loaded on cereals and takes more time to digest than a cereal bar.


Spinach is a wonderful, low cal food for battling fatigue because of its dense iron content and energy supporting vitamins and minerals like magnesium and potassium. The iron form spinach is required to form haemoglobin – oxygen carrier to each cell in your body. Low iron levels cause physical and mental fatigue. Magnesium plays a critical role in our body’s enzymatic reactions and energy production whereas Potassium helps your muscles and nerves to perform efficiently.

For the amazing amount of nutrients that spinach provides, it would be great to eat it every day. But that would make it too predictable and boring. The good news is that spinach is mild enough to be incorporated in our daily diet in discrete ways - tucked in a sandwich, added to gravies, stir fries etc.


YogurtYogurtYogurt is a power food that is processed quickly making it a great source of instant energy. However, the protein in yogurt stays longer than carbohydrates and provides energy for a longer time. The probiotics – beneficial bacteria – in yogurt protect your body against pathogens and harmful bacteria and are a great digestive aid. Probiotics also help tackle mental and physical fatigue by boosting tryptophan levels in the brain; tryptophan helps beat stress and fatigue.

Yogurt is a fun food as well. It’s versatile – works well as a salad dressing base, can be flavoured or just had plain. You can also chop your favorite fruits and add it to yogurt, drizzle some honey and eat it as a yummy dessert!

Though yogurt works wonders as a pre-workout food, you can have it anytime as a small meal in itself.


Grilled steak with salad.Grilled steak with salad.Having a combo of lean meat like steak and low glycemic, complex carbohydrates as an evening meal will get you energized just when you were about to have an energy slump. High fiber carbohydrates like brown rice, whole grain bread, etc. can be coupled with lean protein from steak.

Steak, a protein powerhouse, is also a stellar source of iron. Iron helps in maintaining the red blood cells in your body. Add a citrus fruit or some red peppers for a vitamin C boost that is required for iron absorption. You’ll add some color to your meal as well!

The next time you feel fatigued, reach for some fatigue fighting foods before indulging in chocolate or reaching for the pot of coffee. Carefully planning your meals will ensure that you have a steady stream of energy all day long to live your day to the fullest. Just avoid anything labelled as canned, processed or refined. Eat real, wholesome food and stay perked up all day!

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