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Cleansing Plants and Humans: The Hydroponics Lifestyle Connection

A healthy body is like a healthy hydroponics plant! A healthy body is like a healthy hydroponics plant!

What is the “hydroponics lifestyle” and why is "Cultivate You" the motto for Rosebud Magazine? Some people think these are just clever phrases, but actually, they're meant as literal truth. Here’s an important example…

People and plants share a lot in common. We intake nutrients, air and water so we can carry out metabolic processes necessary for life. And when we intake things, some of what we intake isn’t good for us…

Plants store nutrients salts, heavy metals, and various pollutants in their tissues, including leaves and flowers. This may cause toxic shock, slow growth, plant death, or flowers that taste and smell like chemicals. You might get health problems from consuming toxics-laden crops.

Humans store toxins from food, water, alcohol, car exhaust, air, cigarettes, industrial pollutants, off-gassing, and other sources. These toxins are mainly stored in fat, intestines, and in organs responsible for filtering toxins (such as the liver). Body storage of toxins may lead to fatigue, disease, cancer, and other problems.

When you’re a hydroponics grower, you flush your crops just before harvest. This rids your plants of toxins. It’s easy to do. About 7-10 days before you want to harvest, you start feeding your plants only pure water and a flushing formula called Final Phase.

Final Phase purges garbage out of your plants and their root zones while also allowing your plants to continue to perform metabolic functions that put more value into your harvests. Most flushing formulas don’t do that. They don’t flush as much garbage out of your plants, nor do they keep your plants’ metabolic functions going strong.

When you flush properly, your plants taste and smell better, so they command high prices and respect, even from connoisseurs.

You can do the same thing for your body as you do for your plants. In fact, if you don’t flush yourself periodically, you’re storing bad stuff in your fat and intestines. There are two main ways to flush yourself. One of them is a bit similar to a Final Phase flush, and we’ll discuss that in another article.

In this article we’ll talk about fasting. This means you stop eating solid food for at least 24-48 hours. Some fasts allow you to intake organic, fresh-made fruit/vegetable juices. Others recommend a cayenne/lemon/honey combination. The most stark fasting method is to just drink distilled water. During any fast, you do not ingest coffee, junk food, soft drinks, vitamins, etc.

You need to get past 48 hours to get the full benefits of fasting. That’s because for the first 48 hours your body adjusts itself trying to conserve energy. After that, your body has to start burning garbage, fat cells, scars, toxins, cysts, tumors and other things you don’t want in you. The optimum fast is 3-10 days, although some people go for 20-45 days (those who go longer are experienced fasters who are in direct consultation with health professionals, and anyone who wants to undertake any length of fasting should talk to their health care provider about it first).

What’s it feel like to fast? More energizing than you’d think. When you’re not fasting, your body spends huge amounts of energy digesting food; when you don’t have any food in you, all that energy is available for other processes. You often feel lighter, more clear-minded, and less bloated. Of course you may also experience unpleasant effects, such as hunger, headaches, skin problems, and low energy. Some of these come because stored toxins are leaving you, and giving you a kick in the ass on the way out.

It depends on your internal system, and on how your body and mind interact with food. Frankly, some people are food junkies. Psychologically, they want food a lot more than they need food.  They aren’t physically hungry. Food is their drug. Fasting is a great way to confront food demons and beat the hell out of them.

You’ll want to talk to your doctor, and perhaps some alternative sources of information such as naturopaths, acupuncturists, and other holistic health experts to find out if and how fasting is for you. There are a lot of arguments about fasting methods, whether you should fast with water or juice, whether you should try to work or exercise while fasting, and how long you should fast. Find out from experts, and try fasting yourself if they say it’s safe for you to do so, and see what works best for you.

Personally I fast once every six weeks for at least 4 days at a time. I lose weight, sleep better, feel calmer, and save money on food. My system gets a rest from having to process food in and out of me. It’s a fantastic high!

The bottom line is your hydroponics lifestyle is about viewing yourself as you view your plants.  “Cultivating you” means you grow yourself so you’re as healthy and high-yielding as possible.

Fasting if Fun, and here’s how!

You gotta take care of what you care for, right? You gotta be careful what you put into your body and your plants, and sometimes you have to do a flush or a fast to get rid of gunk that stores in you. It works for plants, and it works for me. Perhaps it will work for you too?

One final note…Final Phase hydroponics flushing formula is only for plants, not for humans. Next time we’ll talk about how you can do a Final Phase-style flush on yourself. Maybe try fasting the same time you’re using Final Phase on your plants so you and your plants can go through cleansing together and be one big happy, clean family!

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