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Super Organic Health Foods for Your Hydroponics Lifestyle

Organic health food fuels your maximum yield hydroponics lifestyle Organic health food fuels your maximum yield hydroponics lifestyle

Hydroponics growers know that what you feed your plants makes all the difference in how your plants grow, resist stress, and produce. That’s why you only want hydroponics health foods that carry concentrated amounts and the right ratios of essential nutrients and deliver them faster into plants.

The good news is you can do the same thing for yourself when you eat health foods known as superfoods. What are they? Foods especially rich in a wider range of nutrients than most other foods. Superfoods may also be rich in target nutrients, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and other compounds that are especially helpful for your active lifestyles and top performance needs.

Superfoods are also known for being easy to digest, and for not containing artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or added sugars, salts and fats. To put it bluntly, superfoods come from Nature, not from a factory. They are often organic, and they are almost always easy to prepare and eat.

Along with those characteristics, superfood health foods are nutritionally concentrated; a small weight or amount of superfood carries a very high percentage of macronutrients, micronutrients and other health-enhancing substances.

And if that’s not enough goodness, superfoods are often more than just nutritional- they’re medicinal, and are often used to target specific organs, diseases, illnesses, and for general anti-aging purposes.

Here are some easy to use superfoods you can add to your diet right now so you’ll have more energy, strength and stamina:

Yogurt: This is a traditional food humans have relied on for centuries. You’ve probably heard that yogurt contains beneficial probiotic microbes that live in your digestive tract to help you extract nutrition from food.

Using yogurt to install beneficial microbes in yourself mirrors you using Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice, Piranha, and Tarantula to install beneficial microbes in your hydroponics root zone.

Beneficials in your hydroponics root zone protect and enhance roots so your plants get more nutrition faster and produce bigger yields. In your digestive tract, nature intends for beneficial microbes to assist your digestive organs. Unfortunately, widespread use of antibiotics, combined with poor nutrition, often kill the natural microbes found in our bodies. Using yogurt is a way of restoring them.

Some people think yogurt is only a dairy-derived product, but it can also be made from goat’s milk and soybeans. These alternatives are useful for people who don’t like ingesting cow products.

There are plain, unflavored yogurts that you’d want to at least add honey to, but there are also yogurts flavored with vanilla, or fruit essences. Make sure to only buy fresh yogurt (look for the expiration date) that guarantees probiotic content. Not all yogurts contain beneficial microbes.

Goji Berries: These semi-hard red berries are produced by one of the strongest, most durable evergreen plants growing on earth. They even grow in the Tibetan Himalayas and in Mongolia, where few other plants can thrive.

According to medical anthropologists and nutritional researchers, goji berries have been used for at least 5,000 years as a medicinal food with benefits including enhanced immune system function, decreasing age-related eye disorders, improving sexual performance, improving circulation, anti-cancer, and cleansing your liver.

Dried goji berries are loaded with carbs, proteins, fats, amino acids, potassium, zinc, germanium, selenium, iron, calcium, and several types of Vitamin B.

They’re also rich in antioxidant carotenoids such as beta-carotene, lycopene, and lutein. Antioxidants are useful in fighting off the effects of aging and stress.

Add to this the facts that goji berries contain essential fatty acids, and are easy to transport, store and eat, and you see why these tasty, chewy berries have been used as a superfood for thousands of years.

Navitas Naturals is a good source for properly-dried, fresh and tasty goji berries at a reasonable price.

As you can see, superfoods offer you lots of nutrition per ounce, unique natural substances that promote health, strength and healing, convenience, food value, and an alternative to having to take vitamins or other pill-form supplements to get concentrated nutrition.

Goji berries are just one of many organic health food sources for your hydroponics lifestyle

These superfoods are family-friendly; they’re far better for children, the elderly, and the ill than are regular foods.

Look to Rosebudmag.com for more articles on organic superfoods from time to time. You’ll love the taste experiences and health benefits you get from eating these delicious natural, organic health foods that give you more energy and power so you get the most out of your life and your hydroponics lifestyle.

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