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Potential EMF Dangers of Wii, Wi-Fi, Cell Phones, Wireless, Hydroponics HID Ballasts

Potential EMF Dangers of Wii, Wi-Fi, Cell Phones, Wireless, Hydroponics HID Ballasts Potential EMF Dangers of Wii, Wi-Fi, Cell Phones, Wireless, Hydroponics HID Ballasts

You know, most of us might just as well have a cell phone or Wi-Fi device attached to our bodies, the way we count on them so much. That’s why I became very concerned by credible reports saying that Wi-Fi, Wii, cell phones, and hydroponics ballasts generate electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the form of radiofrequency radiation (RF) that damage your health.

An international team of PhD scientists who call themselves the BioInitiative Working Group (BWG) wrote the first report I read. Their alarming 2009 dossier says cellular phone use (especially if the use began when you were a teenager) is almost certainly linked to increased risk of brain cancer and other illness.

Well, ok, but if cell phones and Wi-Fi signals are the only problem, it would be easy enough for you to fix that by avoiding wireless devices and using a speakerphone.

But there’s a bigger EMF picture to contend with. Fact is, we’re swimming in a soup of electrosmog emanating from appliances, cell phone towers, wireless devices, power lines, building wiring and other sources.

Electrosmog is a new reality on planet earth, built by humans and totally unnatural for our bodies. Too bad that electrosmog is now a worldwide condition that subjects us to a vast array of invisible and powerful EMF known to affect living tissue.

So now I understand why my head often hurts after I get off a long cell phone conversation.  Why my head and hand are warm, even when the cell phone is not.

And there’s that unpleasant tingling sensation- almost like an electric  shock- in my ear and on the side of the head where I most often hold the phone.  According to the scientists, these are among the many predictable results of cell phone EMFs.

Drowning in a Sea of Electrosmog?

If I tried to explain all the physics and physiology of why EMFs are bad for us, this article would end up way too long. Just realize that living tissue subjected to EMFs undergoes physical and chemical changes that tend to destabilize the tissues, interfere with cellular metabolism, and change DNA.

No surprise that EMFs are said to be causally linked with cancers, nerve disorders, immune system problems, and other health risks. And on a more subtle level, electrosmog interferes with the electrochemical neuronal circuitry that makes your brain and nervous system a biological computer network.

Studies show that EMFs affect brain chemistry, brain nerve communications, thinking, and brain to body neural communication.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. For example, perhaps you’ve discovered how to use a hydroponics formula that protects your plants by stimulating their built-in immune responses so your plants are stronger and better prepared when your plants experience stress from heat, high PPM nutrients, or other intense conditions.

Humans have a similar stress response system, and scientists are quite sure they understand how it works. One thing they’ve found is that being exposed to high levels of EMFs over a long period of time triggers your stress response. The results can include organ damage, agitation, hormonal shifts, and immune system failure. 

Basically, EMFs stimulate a heightened stress response in you until you just plain burn out. And as with all EMF problems, children are especially susceptible.

Room for Debate, But Not Much

I looked at the credibility of the EMF warnings and research. As you realize, whenever there’s a scientific issue (global climate change, tobacco’s link to cancer, etc.), scientists line up on either side of the debate. Sometimes where they line up depends on who’s paying their bills.

Predictably, wireless industries and other corporate interests that profit from the electrical grid spend a lot of time and money attempting to cast  doubt on EMF warnings. They especially want to defeat anti-EMF government regulations, such as those that limit how much radiofrequency radiation a cell phone emits.

But as the weight of anti-EMF evidence has accumulated, the European Union and other government entities have begun regulating or considering regulation of wireless devices.

In the meantime, you might decide to protect yourself, but I found that it’s a daunting task…

You Probably Have EMF Risk In Your Grow Room!

Problem is, my home, personal and office environments are interpenetrated with a variety of electrical devices emitting various types of EMF. One thing that really upset me was when I found out that EMF-emitting ballasts are everywhere: from those little boxes on your computer’s power cord to the ballasts for your HID lights.

Some ballasts are especially dangerous because they emit transients. These are spikes of radiofrequency that are very strong- and very stressful for your body. RF can even change your brainwave patterns!

I connected the dots when I bought the first generation of digital ballasts and found they generate RF so intense that it screwed up my wireless home phone, remote control units, grow room climate controller, and my television reception!

Worse yet, one of my neighbors mentioned that at certain times of the day (when my lights are on), they experience mysterious electronics problems.

This happens because these early digital ballasts don’t have enough shielding on their power cables, or the right shielding to keep heat and RF from escaping the ballast assembly.

Not only that, but RF and other electrical issues can cause some digital ballasts to deliver less than optimum bulb output, to decrease bulb life, or even to blow up your expensive HID bulbs.

When I talked to Eli Weinkle, a scientist who studies hydroponics digital ballasts, he said the only truly safe digital ballast would be one equipped with a properly-shielded power cable and an internal Faraday Shield that prevents EMFs from escaping the ballast while also protecting the ballast from external EMFs that mess with a ballast’s functionality.

I already own several digital ballasts but they’re not good enough for me, and I was planning a grow room upgrade that necessitates replacing them. Now I’m going to hold off on my digital ballast purchase until some savvy hydroponics manufacturer creates an RF-free unit that doesn’t endanger my health or my bulbs, or bonk my other electronics gear.

I’m also going to only use my cell phone and home handset on speakerphone, and I’m taking antioxidants and herbs said to counteract cancer and mitigate EMF-induced stress response problems.

Yeah, it’s impossible for me to totally give up electrical appliances, hydroponics HID ballasts, Wi-Fi, wireless, Wii, cell phones. But I will do what I can. My brain is counting on me to keep it from getting fried!

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