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Sunlight: Has It Gotten a Bad Rap?

Sunlight is an amazing source for good health! Sunlight is an amazing source for good health!

Sunlight gives us not only light; it is also the source of life. The impact of sunlight on our health is known to most of us. Yet sometimes we are made to agree upon some pre-existing ‘facts’ about it. Some institutions glorify the health benefits of sunlight, while some others make it seem like poison. In the light of this, it would make sense to keep yourself well-informed before becoming a disciple of any belief-system.

The most common fact known to all of us is that our bodies manufacture vitamin D from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. And that we need some amount of exposure to sunlight so as not to suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Did you know that the colds and flu viruses you get during winter are mostly because you do not get sufficient amount of sunlight, and hence not enough vitamin D?

Many of us spend more of our time indoors, and thereby deprive ourselves from the exposure to sunlight. This has to be avoided. If you are among the ones who believe that sunlight causes skin cancers, you may need to revise your perspective on the topic. According to some researchers, it is a wrongly propagated myth.

Mike Adams of Natural News is of the view that sunburn, ‘red neck’ or even skin cancers are caused not just by sunlight, but by the combination of two variables – exposure to sunlight and nutritional deficiency. If you take good nutrition and go out in sunlight, it will always have positive impact on health. He recommends that super foods, high quality nutritional supplements, healing foods and functional foods should be included in our daily diet to make us nutritionally healthy.

Researchers at the National Academy of Sciences say that moderate exposure to sunlight outweighs the risks of skin cancers. Thus, it is evident that sunlight boosts more than just our mood! One shouldn’t overexpose oneself to sunlight though, as anything in excess can have negative outcomes.

It is said that one should get about 10-15 minutes of sunlight every day. But, it is also important to know that the impact of sunlight on different skin tones varies. Darker skin tones need more exposure to sunlight than the lighter ones to get sufficient supply of vitamin D. Some other factors such as seasons, geographic latitude, time of day, skin melanin content and sunscreen also play important roles in the degree of sunlight exposure we receive.

In addition, sunlight is said to reduce mental health disorders, various types of cancers, obesity and heart attacks. It also helps in preventing infections that are caused by viruses and bacteria.

It is known that sunlight is a very effective germ killer. Blankets or quilts are hung out in sunlight to make them fresher and cleaner. It even prevents dampness in rooms. All you need to do is to keep your windows open for some time, and arrange furniture and decorative items carefully so that they do not fade under strong sunlight.

Sunlight seems to be the perfect medicine that we all should be taking on a regular basis to remain hale and hearty. It is the best source of illumination that adds vitality to life. Make sure that you have your share of sunlight whenever you get a chance!

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