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Spa Destinations for Men: More than a Shave and a Haircut

More men are heading to the spa for treatments designed just for guys. More men are heading to the spa for treatments designed just for guys.

Calluses, wind-burned skin, unkempt hair and a generally grizzled appearance are fine – if you’re Brad Pitt. These looks are also acceptable on firefighters, members of the armed forces and oilrig workers. The rest of you, step up your game a bit, put yourself in the hands of a professional and schedule a day at the spa. Trust me; your special lady friend will notice the extra effort.

Besides, when was the last time you truly indulged on the finer things in life? A little pampering can go a long way. Of course, most spas are unisex, but we uncovered several catering to men only. Check your inhibitions and preconceived notions at the door and just relax.

Nickel Spa for Men


Located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, the Nickel Spa for Men is sleek and modern, leaning towards bare bones in its appearance. To the delight of many regulars, the atmosphere doesn’t rely on fussy feng shui or elaborate tea ceremonies and rituals for comfort. Some go for a simple shave and haircut while others indulge in treatments specifically designed for the male physique, like the Citrus Detox Reviver body treatment. And if you’re starting to look a bit like Sasquatch, wax on and wax it all off for just $210. Oh, it’s pronounced Nee-kel.

The Grooming Lounge


Whether you’re readying yourself for your Craigslist close-up, preening for that State of the Union cameo or peacocking on U Street, the Grooming Lounge in Washington, D.C. boasts goods and services for Everyman. Guys step in for a trim, shop for luxury products like Aqua di Parma and Truefitt & Hill, or go all in for spa packages like the Supreme Court, a four-hour treatment that includes a hot stone massage, cleansing face treatment, hot lather shave, executive manicure and foot treatment ($460). They also dispense their own housemade products as well as grooming advice. Considering a comb over? Not ready to lose the unibrow? These guys will set you straight.

316 Club Barber Spa


Kick it Old School at Chicago’s 316 Club Barber Spa where we imagine Frank, Dean and Sammy hanging before showing up fashionably late to Hef’s penthouse apartment. The atmosphere is decidedly masculine, complete with warm leather chairs, oak pool tables and HD TVs for checking in on the Cubbies or Sox. In addition to these manly distractions, patrons enjoy hot facials, close shaves and cool drinks. Did we mention there are complimentary cocktails? Walk-ins are welcome; however, memberships are encouraged -- $685 for a year. That gets you the aforementioned adult beverages, a haircut, shave and shoe shine.

Metro for Men


“I know what boys like; I know what guys want…” So sang the Waitresses. Krista Martin felt the same and opened Metro for Men in Orange County, California because “men deserve a place of their own too.” Martin’s goal was to reshape the way men think about their grooming rituals. The environment is truly all male, complete with 12 HD satellite televisions with over 700 channels, a fully stocked complimentary bar, private locker room, traditional shoe shine stand, extra wide stations for added privacy, large leather chairs, and products and tools specifically for men.

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Metro For Men is one of California’s top man-spas.
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